The Way of Salvation

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How pitiful would be our fate if it were impossible for us to work out our own salvation! The belief that it is easier to make unreal the trouble of another than to rise above discord in our own experience is complete reversal of the truth about the way of salvation. To believe this is to check progress and paralyze all righteous effort, and that, of course, is the purpose of suggestion.

When we understand that the one business of evil is to lie, and assiduously to urge us to believe that lie, when we understand that the Christian Scientist’s business is to know enough about God and man to enable him to refute that lie, then all claims of evil will appear to be what they are in the ultimate analysis, nothing, and we shall find the task of refusing to believe no more arduous in one instance than in any other.

As I am the reflection of Life, which is the only intelligence and action, I am always acting, and never acted upon by fear, anxiety, discouragement, thought transference, nor any other claim of evil. The action and intelligence which I express lead me to see the right way in everything.

God never fails to be expressed through His ideas, and nothing can limit God’s expression. Your mentality is the expression of God. The source of intelligence is infinite and flows on abundantly through you, and your only responsibility is to listen in consciousness and Mind will do it all. There is no place where the Saviour, the Truth, is not working. It is working with you, and with all connected with you. Intelligence is at the helm and carries with it all action. No material condition ever stopped the flow of substance from divine Mind.

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