“The Structure of Truth and Love”


I feel so blessed to be part of Plainfield membership. I have been through a very challenging time, and even though I was unable to connect to you or the website during that time, I know I was still being embraced by our Father-Mother Love that you radiate at Plainfield. To reiterate what a member said at the last Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting (Thursday morning in Australia), you are a great example of Church, “the structure of Truth and Love” and true to Mrs. Eddy’s concept of church.

For me, Christian Science has always been a Science, and I have found it very difficult at times to be part of a church organization that tries to turn this precious Science into a personal religion—but I have no difficulty being part of “the structure of Truth and Love.” Hence, I had no difficulty applying for membership in your church.

To receive such a welcoming and loving acceptance by the Plainfield members into Plainfield Church was truly heartfelt, and that is because of the integrity of thought of each individual participating in Plainfield Church.

Your Unity Watches are superb and always relevant for the time, no matter where one lives. What joy it was to receive the Unity Watch today upholding the membership and our fellow man. This illustrates the Love and care that this church has for its members, and this love radiates to all mankind as a result of this.

The most important part of any group, family, church, business, or organization is love for its people. Without this there is no glue, and without this glue there is no success. This is the foundation to any thriving community or organization, and you get it at Plainfield.

Today when returning from work, while travelling on a tram, a couple started talking about different metaphysical ideas they were exploring through some group. I was aware that they were engaging in perhaps more spiritualistic practices and wasn’t going to be drawn too deeply into that conversation, but did remark that there was only one Mind, etc. When they made a comment that they were trying to visualize a home, I quoted from the article attributed to Mrs. Eddy on “Place.” “The place you seek is seeking you, the place you need needs you.” They loved it and asked if I was a metaphysical teacher. I said you can find this information on the web and directed them to Plainfieldcs.com. This seemed to strike a chord with them, and I think they wanted to develop a personal contact with me. But there was no need, because I had directed them to the website for more information. I reached my stop and got off.

I know they were compelled to talk with me because of the spiritual thinking I was embodying at that time, and this was just after receiving and reading the Unity Watch that made me feel so loved.

The “flood-tides of Love” are encompassing the earth, and this spiritual tsunami is the effect of the dedicated work of all the members of Plainfield Church. Your outreach is unstoppable. In gratitude for the practitioner work, the testimony meetings, church services, the Roundtable discussions, the Unity Watch emails, the website, Christian Science articles, the Liberator, and all the rest.

Of course none of this would exist without the writings and revelation of Mary Baker Eddy. The world is ready for the womanhood of God, the Mother Love.

Thank God for Christian Science; thank God that God is.

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