Surrender to God’s Care


A few years ago I used to drive about 40 minutes to work. At the time, one of my enslaving fears was being in a car on the road, whether I was driving or someone else was. Many negative thoughts would come which made me very fearful. Large cargo trucks, that would come so close sometimes and pass by so fast, had me on edge most of the time.

One rainy day there were many huge trucks along the way, and they were driving very fast and passing me on both sides. I decided to use what I knew in Christian Science. It was a bit snowy and the road scene was tricky, so I prayed for all the drivers, for the planes, and anything moving that day. I kept clear in my thinking that God is at the wheel of my car, and everyone else’s car. I stopped focusing on the messy road and repeated to myself that God is keeping everyone safe in their right lane. I kept working this way throughout my drive, and the result was the most harmonious 40-minute drive ever. A beautiful sense of peace came over me and has left me free from that awful sense of doom when driving.

Learning to discipline my thinking with the spiritual fact of God’s omnipresence, I learned to always pray before I got into a car. This practice of praying before going anywhere has helped me overcome this false sense; but even more effective has been the surrendering to God’s care.

A couple of simple prayers are now part of my mental preparation before going anywhere. I pray that, “The Christ goes before me and the way is prepared.” I also trustingly declare that, “God makes a way,” when I have to make a turn while in traffic, and have found that the way opens for a harmonious turn each time.

I have a different feeling when I drive now. I think correctly! I think of God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omni-action and surrender to His unfailing care. This has enabled me to appreciate the wonderful sceneries along the way and keep my focus on holding others in God’s love. Truly, when we love God and love to live His Truth, nothing can take away our joy. What a powerful Truth this is from Psalm 34:4, that: “I sought the Lord and He delivered me from all my fears.”

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