The Dixon Letter

A letter sent to Mr. Frederick Dixon, written by , member of The Academy of Hungary

A sense of real brotherhood in Christian Science impels me to write you this letter. For more than three years, I have been reading your articles in the Sentinel and I have progressed in the knowledge of the English language and in the knowledge of Christian Science; I have become conscious of each statement of Truth in them.

To make my statement clear, I must give the full statement of my coming into Christian Science. I am a Hungarian. When my University work was finished, I became a student of International Diplomacy in the Eastern Academy, Budapest. Before I finished my diplomatic course, I became hopelessly sick. One of my uncles – a leading physician in Hungary and also a professor of clinics of Budapest, sent me to New York with the hope that his friend, who is in the front rank of the medical profession in America, would be able to help me. I not only went to him, but from city to city seeking help.

Finally the doctors sent me to Los Angeles, telling me that if the climate did not help me, there was no hope whatsoever. There in Los Angeles Christian Science found me at a time I was so ill that my friends were preparing for my death. Christian Science healed me marvelously, and when my healing took place, I could not speak English at all. Two months later I became a student of Christian Science, impelled with the desire to understand what had wrought the change. I was so pleased with its teaching that several years ago I took class instruction, and since then have devoted all my time to the practice of Christian Science.

My experience in Christian Science is full of events. In the three larger cities of America in which I have lived, my work has made me acquainted with the practical operation in the field and I have found that so-called “Black Magic” works very widely among Christian Scientists. I have found the cause of this subtle error to be the fact that the average Christian Scientist lacks the right knowledge of how and why animal magnetism works. I have prayed for a long time that I might be able to put into a letter to you the record of my knowledge and experience as to what is to become of the seeming discord in our churches and the unchristian methods of so many practitioners all over the field, also the unhealthy morals of many so-called prominent or leading Christian Scientists.

As a loyal student of Mrs. Eddy’s works and a member of The Mother Church, I cannot ignore the facts or trend of events, for, if this hypocrisy shall continue under the guise of Christian Science, I ask you, what will happen? What happened in the early Christian church? It became a material organization, and it seemingly flourishes still, but without any foundation whatsoever and bound for dissolution.

The aim of this letter is not to condemn, but to explain. As a member of The Mother Church, I feel that it is my uttermost duty to give you the facts that have not been published in English, and which evidently are not known by even the thinkers among Christian Scientists.

The facts which sustained and encouraged and illuminated my thought in what I am writing, you will note in Revelation 12:14 and 17, prophesying that apostasy of materialism and mammon worship in our ranks, which superseded the former hatred of the revelator, with which her seed was so quickly and terribly afflicted (that is, changed from love to hatred towards her) earlier, after the woman, clothed in the sun and the moon under her feet, had appeared on earth. It is plain, from these two verses, that the Revelator understood and foresaw the present phase of war with the remnant of her seed.

As a member of the leading Academy of Hungary, I had access to a great work published only in the Hungarian language by Armin Von Berg, a scholar and thinker, who has traveled thirty-nine years in India, China, and Japan, for the definite purpose of uncovering the occult science of the East and its conspiracies with the assumption of power and their phenomena.

Educated Englishmen, acquainted with travelers and their records, gathered such stories as this occult work causing seed to germinate and plants to grow almost at once, instead of taking weeks or months; also how mortals are made to disappear in the air, people to appear from the invisible, and so forth; but until Von Berg investigated the size and claims of the Oriental magic, it was not known that the lengths uniting the selfish and malicious purposes toward which they are working are complete, fixed and definite; that the ends and ambitions towards which they are driving are more determined, egotistical, cruel, and all-absorbing, as well as more thoroughly organized, than are those of the cat’s-paw — the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

In the fifth century, and from time to time thereafter, gifted and able Catholic priests have gone to India especially to learn the secrets of this esoteric magic, and have been permitted to master and teach to their order some degree of Black Art; but as indicated by the far lesser and weaker phenomena, not nearly what is possessed and practiced at its home.

It was uncovered that the Eastern Priestcraft’s approximated original evil, “the ape of God,” in its assumption of all temporal and eternal power, and the pride of Lucifer was deeply allied with the Western Priestcraft, Roman Catholicism, the latter as the throne, the former as the older, deeper, stronger power, organized evil, as the power behind the throne. The Eastern order, claiming to be the mightiest in the world, looks with contempt upon the cheap glory and crude materialism of Roman Catholicism and its secondary power, but the Eastern does not hesitate to use it and to work through it, while also desiring its destruction, for at least it names the name of Christ.

The Eastern order in incredible arrogance and ambition, works even to hypnotize governments, jealously setting the pace for its own Eastern civilization to be foremost, and enviously hating Western or Christian civilization, and having the purpose to destroy it; the English nation especially coming under the attacks because of its governmental possessions in India.

As a student of diplomatic service in the Eastern Academy, there were disclosed to me purposes and conspiracies of nation against nation, already on paper, which appalled me, whose insanity I found nothing adequate to account for, until I began to understand Christian Science, and discover that all is in thought, and thus saw the way illumined and traced between cause and effect; also how evil is uncovered as nothing.

When I was a boy, I saw Von Berg in the Public Library in Budapest and remember that he was known to be sometimes in tears. My uncle, to whom he was a near and dear friend, told me it was because of what he foresaw — what the Black Magic of the East would bring upon white civilization before we would be able to awaken to its designs. He said that when he told Queen Victoria, of whom he was a near and dear friend, what he had found out, she wept long and bitterly, but knew not what to do. We of the West, so softened and spiritualized, whitened until we approximate somewhat of the Christ man, can hardly conceive the nature of the dark Frankenstein of the East, the mere Adam-dream, unawakened by mercy and justice, with no word in its language that means Divine Love, dominated it knows not what, but close kin to what long simulated and baffled the power of God in Korea, — a mortal man that would rule immortal man; mental feudalism that would make the rest of mankind its unconscious, helpless vassals, approximately even fundamental evil, “the sea of human beliefs.” “His right foot was upon the sea.”

Even among the thinkers who are aware of the incredible assumptions and apparent manifestations of a creative and destructive power, I have not found one who knew that power to be consciously directed with desperate hatred against the forces of God in Christian Science, because Christian Science has long outstripped its pretensions. Mrs. Eddy, in her “Message of 1901,” under the heading “Mental Malpractice,” may have made reference to it. Because the nature of mortal error is what it is, “Envy, the great red dragon of the hour,” one might take for granted the counterfeit’s deadly rivalry toward the younger and stronger master of time and space, Christian Science. But that desperate purpose had first to fall under the law, “Nothing is covered that shall not be revealed nor hid that shall not be known.”

You are perhaps aware that three very high caste wonder-workers from India came some years ago to Boston for the purpose of killing Mrs. Eddy. Their order had been angered by the fear of being superseded by the achievements of Christian Science. Not succeeding at first, one of the workers went to Mrs. Eddy’s home, obtained entrance into her presence alone, where he thought she might be destroyed by the mental power more readily. Her insight and understanding uncovered his thought and purpose. It even brought about his repentance and reformation and she taught him Science. He returned to Calcutta a Christian Scientist to work for the Truth which would render the evil he had practiced powerless.

For the Christian Scientists who saw the phenomena it manifested in First Church, New York, I became convinced of the conspiracy existing between the simulation of deific power and Oriental magic, so exactly were its lying wonders duplicated — wonders practiced by it nearer its home, where mankind have been wont to locate the “Evil of Man,” the Oriental dream and dreamer.

Until I knew of the operation upon Scientists of this esoteric magic and conspiracy with the Jesuit thought, I was dismayed and unable to explain the moral and physical overthrow of some Scientists whom I knew were well intentioned.

When the meaning of Revelation 12:17 dawned upon me and I had traced the link of communication between effects and consummate causes, much evil was disclosed to me as nothing, for which I thank God and take courage. I know that even the war in Europe is not in Europe, but in human consciousness, where error is destroying itself. In working together with God, which the motive of Science and Health made possible, it has been my thought to get this knowledge to such Christian Scientists as can be depended upon to use it as it must be used in working out our salvation, and with this thought, I am writing to you and hoping to hear from you, for it comes to me that you will understand.

Hypnotism, or estoric magic, is the essence of evil or devil, the murderer or liar from the beginning. There is no good in it, and any use of it is dangerous. It is itself sin, and therefore leads to sin and death. It is the supposed opposite of God, and the sum total of evil. Ignorance of it and its phases makes one its victim. There is no true knowledge of it, for it is unreal; but one must be alert to its claims to power, action, and law. From this basis, you are always its master.

In tracing the trail of the serpent back to the ancient wonder-workers, sooth-sayers and magicians of Egypt, Chaldea and Babylon, we find it to be that material knowledge of mental power which opposed the spiritual understanding possessed by Moses, Elijah, and the prophets of Israel. Later, it opposed Jesus through the supposed power, pride and arrogance of Rome and the perverted sense of priesthood. In other words, a combined claim of mental, political, social, intellectual, and financial power, all backed by the original mental sin of animal magnetism or hypnotism. Moses, Elijah, and the prophets proved the superiority of spiritual understanding over the supposed power of enchantment and hypnotism in their day. Jesus proved entire dominion over it in his day. It is now the duty of Christian Scientists as his followers, or those who have learned some degree of spiritual understanding and power of Christian Science, to demonstrate in these latter days that the modern, swollen dragon is still unable to prove real power over God’s children. Animal magnetism has always been a lie about God and true prayer, but each follower of Christ will have to prove this fact.

Just as God, or the one divine Mind and intelligence, is pure Science and is therefore exact, scientific, and perfect according to fixed and absolute law in every detail or expression of Himself, so animal magnetism, or the one evil, claims to work according to law in every detail. Therefore, we must not fall into the error and subtle mistake of thinking that disease, accident, poverty, etc., just happen by chance. The remedy is always at hand, for every case, no matter what the claim of evil, there is always an exact scientific truth, or fact, that reverses the claim.

Whatever we need to understand of evil’s ways in order to destroy its effects, will be uncovered to us, because of the fact that “God is not mocked.” We do not need to ask to uncover it, for it will itself counterfeit the very spiritual fact, or truth, that appears to us.

It is the treacherous nature of evil to harm, but, if we cling to our revealed truth and reject the counterfeit, we have destroyed the power of evil to harm us, for it can never change or affect truth. Our safety lies in our constant obedience to truth in thought, action, desire and deed. This is the rejection of the evil which counterfeits the truth. We cannot fight it as something. We reject it as nothing, because of the allness of God.

As our day-star rises, and our individual Christ-understanding appears, the Herod of Jesus’ time seems to appear to defy our right to even exist. Step by step as our spiritual understanding unfolds in scientific order and law, the phase of evil counterfeits it, to be destroyed by revealed truth. We cannot hope to escape this warfare with evil once we are born in the flesh. Not even Jesus, who was half divine, could escape this struggle with and triumph over evil. Each one is tempted of evil in every phase until all sense of evil is met and mastered by reality, or good.

Perhaps the most fatal mistake that a Christian warrior can make in this warfare is to believe that evil circumstances, conditions and happenings, are just luck, chance, fate or accident. Everything is the direct result of thought, whether good or evil. One must be alert to this fact that evil in belief, is as scientific as truth in reality. It works according to false law, since God works according to true law. Mrs. Eddy once wrote in the earlier days of her discovery of Christian Science an article called “Historical Sketch”: “If any honest Christian Scientist can be deceived into thinking it is chance, not direction by malicious minds at work, that ignorance, instead of sin, is what he has to meet at all times, — this error prevents him from understanding enough of the question to insure his own defense, and leaves him in the power of animal magnetism, — perhaps temporarily relieved of his suffering, rejoicing in the hope of freedom which he afterwards find to be vain.” In the last edition of Science and Health she writes, “The march of Mind, and of honest investigation, will bring the hour when people will chain, with fetters of some sort, the growing occultism of this period. The present apathy as to the tendency of certain active, yet unseen mental agencies will finally be shocked into another extreme mortal mood, — into human indignation; for one extreme follows another” (p. 570).

There is no protection and no virtue in ignorance of evil and its phases. Each step of spiritual revelation is met by a phase of animal magnetism. In other words, evil claims to reveal in exact counterfeit its phases to contradict the revelations of Truth as all. It claims to be just as true as Truth. These claims must be met and mastered by Truth, just as Moses, by the more spiritual understanding of power, caused his mental concept of serpent to swallow up the serpents of the magicians and wonder-workers of the Egyptians.

Mrs. Eddy saw fit to include in Science and Health, a book in which is revealed spiritual truth, a chapter called, “Animal Magnetism Unmasked,” and saw the necessity of unmasking the claim and operation of evil as it tried to affect and destroy her revelation of Truth. It was her necessity as well as her duty to do this. It is also the necessity and duty of every student of Christian Science to understand and handle the claims of animal magnetism as revealed not only in this chapter, but throughout the entire textbook. The chapter, “The Apocalypse,” is full of revelation and instruction. Just as the second chapter of Genesis explains the working of animal magnetism in counterfeiting the truths stated in the first chapter, so Mrs. Eddy was compelled to explain that which would try to reverse and counterfeit her Truth.

The human race has been entirely beguiled, deceived and fooled by this subtle, treacherous and murderous mesmerism of animal magnetism, and until it understands that it has been deceived, it cannot get out of control of its deceiver. Just as long as the world believes that there is life, truth, substance, and intelligence in matter, and that this is good, it will never get free from the murderer. When the individual begins to understand animal magnetism, it tries its upmost to destroy him, for, when all belief in evil is destroyed, evil itself is destroyed. It is fighting to save its own false sense of existence. Whenever it is unmasked, its days are numbered and it works with bitter revenge and hatred to destroy its escaping victim.

The honest individual who has begun to be undeceived must awaken also to his God-given ability to cope successfully with the situation. Gradually he will find that every subtile or treacherous or murderous lie that evil presents, he has just at hand the Truth, a powerful, wonderful, beautiful and real fact to counteract the poisons, impurity, adultery and inoculation of mortal evil. By the might of divine Mind he rules out of consciousness the evil suggestions and aggressive attempts of evil to rule and destroy him.

It is a battle royal, but the honest Christian Scientist has infinite Mind, or God, and all reality on his side, while evil has nothing real to work with, and its lies never have a chance to exist and operate when confronted by a fact, or that which is real. Evil is always a coward when confronted boldly and courageously with Truth. It may seem, at times, as if the battle was between persons, but that is never true. Evil is as impersonal as God is impersonal, and we must never consider either God or evil as personal.

“The reduction of evil, in Science, gives the dominance to God, and must lead us to bless those who curse, that thus we may overcome evil with good” (No and Yes p. 33).

“Physical torture affords but a slight illustration of the pangs which come to one upon whom the world of sense falls with its leaden weight in the endeavor to crush out of a career its divine destiny” (No and Yes p. 34).

Hypocrisy, hypnotism and self-will in the name of Christian Science, and lust and greed for place and power in the ranks of Christian Scientists, is the “spiritual wickedness in high places” in this age. The qualities of mortal thought are brought into action and used by hidden mental powers working through Roman Catholicism, occultism, theosophy, Orientalism or animal magnetism, and handling those who have come selfishly in the name of Christian Science. Only the pure in heart and purpose, and the honest, can really withstand the swollen dragon of these days. With self-will, greed, and hypocrisy in one’s heart, one cannot be free from those mental qualities from without. Such as these are easy tools for the devil. It is the “Lamb” that slays the “wolf.” It is the innocence and honesty and good-will toward men that detect, check and destroy the hypocrisy and lust that would swallow up the Christ in this age. However, the “Lamb” can never be slain, for it is spiritual and real. Animal magnetism will finally disappear from the face of the earth, for it is not real and it has no true power. Because the Christ was never crucified, Christian Science can never be destroyed. It is destined to rule the world. Animal magnetism may delay the inevitable effect of the second coming of the Christ, but it can never prevent it from fulfilling finally the destiny of destroying animal magnetism. The time of this fulfilling depends upon Christian Scientists.

Evil calling itself something good, in the guise of intellectuality, or natural laws such as heredity, astrology, palmistry, horoscope, mental science, false metaphysics, etc., is seeking to do the work of Christian Science and is luring many students away from pure and honest channels of truth into these by-paths which can only lead into confusion and disaster. This is more or less the effect of mental work of theosophists, Roman Catholics, Oriental mental workers, and false Christian Scientists. The honest workers in Christian Science must see to it that their work is not lured away from them in this way.

There is one true law of attraction, adjustment and classification. This is the divine Mind, and this law must rule the lesser or man consciousness. Occultism, esoteric magic, hypnotism and mesmerism only lead to sin, disease, lack and death, and the weary seekers after rest, healing and real accomplishment, can find no lasting consolation from these false methods. Many Christian Scientists have gone after these false gods, believing that they are in advance of Christian Science, as that is their claim. We are warned in the Bible that evil will fool even the elect, and many of the elect are right now deceived and drawn away from the right path. Thus, honest Christian Science workers and practitioners are either finding themselves without work, or busy with those who are not willing or ready for the real truth.

The fields are white with real harvest of healing, and these false systems must not reap the harvest to the loss and dismay of the true seekers after Christian Science healing and enlightenment.

Animal magnetism is clouding the human consciousness with these lies, claiming that help really comes from these false systems. It is the essence of evil trying to destroy the light of Christian Science, or the Christ, Truth. It is Orientalism trying to swallow up Christianity. Christian Scientists must watch and pray that this ancient and very alert original sin takes nothing away from them. The Christian Scientist’s own progress depends upon the work he does for others as well as for himself, and therefore, he must see to it that his work cannot be allured from him by this evil.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” He also said, “And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him; for they know not the voice of strangers.” In this same chapter (tenth) of John, Jesus said, “There shall be one fold and one shepherd.” Christian Scientists know that there is one Christ and the truth belongs only to the Christ. Nothing else can accomplish the salvation of humanity, and those who are lured away after these worst of all false systems, will only have to re-trace their footsteps with trouble and sorrow.

Christian Scientists who are honest and clear cannot be made to believe, through aggressive mental suggestion, that there is a power of attraction in animal magnetism or original evil to take their work or their reward away from them. It is not power, but the entire absence of power and intelligence. It is wholly negative, and must be rendered so by the one divine Mind as revealed in Christian Science.

It doesn’t make any difference how much theosophy, Roman Catholicism, Orientalism, materia medica, astrology, intellectuality, spiritualism, occultism, old theology, or any false mental science may claim to be and know something; it is all nothing trying to be and do something. The Christian Scientists will cling to Christian Science as the only healer, the only teacher, and the only help that can be or do anything real. It is the only help that humanity has, and the more we are called narrow-minded for knowing this fact, the more earnestly we must believe it. All of these systems are part and parcel of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is enmity against God, or the one true Mind. Therefore, these systems are enmity against Christian Science and the true Christian Scientist. They must be vigorously resisted, reversed and destroyed, or the light of Christian Science will be darkened and the individual Christian Scientist will be forced to struggle against this dragon in the dark and very much alone.

A Christian Scientist must be a law unto himself, that this mental malpractice cannot make any conditions for him in any way. It cannot darken his awakening spiritual consciousness, neither can it reverse his work, growth or demonstration. It cannot embrace him in its false thinking, and make him believe any of its suggestions of lack, failure, discouragement or isolation. God has sanctioned Christian Science. He has predestined it to its work of salvation; therefore, it must accomplish its purpose. The honest Christian Scientist comes under this law also, and is protected from the dragon that would swallow up God’s anointed.

A Christian Scientist cannot be thrown into sex and sensualism by the aggressive mental suggestions of the enemy, for Christian Science leads away from this error into completeness and freedom as the reflection of the Father-Mother, God. All of these false systems lead to sex and sensualism, for they have no basis from which to work away from these beliefs. Christian Science is the only system ever taught that has a way out of the terrible bondage of sex and sensualism, for it teaches perfect man as possessing both male and female qualities as the image and likeness of a complete and perfect God, or Principle. In no other way can a mortal man or woman ever be made to realize and demonstrate their completeness and independence. It does not teach isolation and destruction, but it does free the individual from dependence and bondage to personality, limitations of sex, lack and loneliness because of it. It is the only remedy for mental, physical and financial lust.

It corrects, governs and educates men and women to understand their true complete and independent individualities. It brings about a higher association based on a more spiritual purpose, for all of its effects are from the standpoint of universal and unselfish good. Since there is no selfish lust in its purpose, there can be none in its effects. Therefore, all there is in sex must be made to serve a better and holier purpose than selfishness and sensualism. The revealed male and female of God’s creating must be found working together as one for the good of all, and not for the selfish pleasure and prosperity in matter.

The Christian Scientist cannot be made to believe evil of himself, or of anyone, through the aggressive mental malpractice of these many false workers of the dragon of this age. Only God’s thoughts can form conditions for the honest Christian Scientist.

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