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Blessed Christmas


Christmas is the gift of God. It commemorates the coming of the Christ to a world in need of its healing message of hope and joy. It needs to be seen in its true light.

Christmas, to the worker in Truth, is a time of peaceful rejoicing, and spiritual meditation. There is no harried rushing from store to store, buying gifts that people often neither need nor want. Pressured shopping, wild parties and unreal excitement are a travesty of the Bible words, “On the earth, peace, good will to men.”

Christmas can be a time of disappointment and depression to the unwary one, who lets himself get caught up in the swirling currents of the human mind, which offer him glittering promises of joy, and then abruptly drop him into an abyss of sorrow and despair.

Christian Science presents a clear view of this blessed season, and a remedy for the depression that would afflict mankind. It keeps us safe from the confusion, selfishness, and forced gaiety of materialism, which hide from man the harmony and peace of the Christ appearing.

Mrs. Eddy has given wise counsel in the words, “I love to observe Christmas in quietude, humility, benevolence, charity, letting good will towards man, eloquent silence, prayer and praise express my conception of Truth’s appearing.”

A quiet feeling of love and gratitude for the coming of the Christ to all mankind is a powerful counteraction to any longing for days long gone by. We have the present moment in which to live, and send the healing Christ message to all the world. There’s no greater joy than in serving God. Let’s hold fast the great blessing God has given us and not let error interfere with its beauty.

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