Burdened Thought

From Sermons and Articles by , originally given in July 1994

Big women ran in my family. My grandmother was big, my mother was big, and after a while, I was big. And I didn’t realize that it was a type of thinking.

Many times an obese condition can be a condition of leaning; leaning on something other than God. I remember in the early years of my marriage, my husband said to me, “Will you please find something besides me to be interested in!” I knew it was God speaking through him, and I did! I found God, and I found Christian Science.

But that wasn’t all of it. I was seriously overweight, and losing weight took work. It took consciously handling this belief of fat. I’d gotten to be a size twenty. I used to look at myself in the mirror from the waist up, and think I looked all right. They say people do that quite often, and don’t realize what the rest of them looks like. But when I realized that I was fat, and that the weight wasn’t going to go away miraculously, overnight, and that I was going to have to change my thinking habits, I turned to God. Three statements came to me that helped immensely. First: When I was hungry, I asked myself, “Is this hunger or is it appetite?” If it was not genuine hunger, then it was appetite, which was merely amusing myself with food, and it was ungodlike. Second: I found that what satisfied me was paraphrasing a verse from Mrs. Eddy’s hymn 30, “Fed by Thy love divine I live.” So, any time I was tempted by false appetite, I declared that I was fed and satisfied by divine Love. The third statement was: God proportions me.

The weight fell off, with ease, and without dieting. Dieting is believing that there’s life and intelligence in matter, and the results are never permanent. With overweight there’s something much deeper that needs to be healed. As I found the weight coming off, I found something else happening. I found that this dear, good husband, with whom I’d been living, was bearing much of the weight of the burden, that I had believed was my own.

As I began to change my thinking, my body naturally began to change. My life became better, so much more joyous, so much freer. I found myself going from a size 20 to a size 8. And that’s obviously the size God wanted me to be, because I’ve stayed there for the last twenty years, without effort, and certainly without attention to calories or food. This healing came about when I learned to lean on God, and not look to any human situation for satisfaction; to put all my trust in Spirit, and to put God first, so that nothing distorted could be part of my experience. I learned that man is neither too fat nor too thin, just normal and natural, as God made him.

I’m grateful, when I think about it today, to realize what a wonderful, natural, easy healing it was. And what a blessing it must have been to my husband, to have gotten rid of someone who was looking to him all the time for what he couldn’t give. It was up to God to give it. And God has, and we have a much happier marriage than we did when I was a burdened mortal.

Christian Science goes into every part of our lives. There isn’t anything inharmonious that can stand when we sincerely desire to know what God thinks about it, and what God wants us to do. God’s thoughts are ever available. They’re all around us. We only have to open our ears and listen to the good and wonderful things that God is saying. Thank God that Mrs. Eddy listened and gave us this wonderful truth, Christian Science.

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