We all make choices. Moment by moment, day by day, we make choices. We get up in the morning, and we choose to have either a happy day, or a miserable one.

If we start the day with God, and with the study of the Lesson Sermon, we are choosing peace and dominion. If we rush out, without prayer and study, unprepared to meet the world, we have chosen to be tossed about on the turbulent sea of error.

The Plainfield Lesson Sermons are always so fresh and healing. They never grow stale. We make the choice, deciding I’m going to read the Lesson this morning, be­fore my day starts. And I’m going to listen to God while I read it. I’m not going to rush through it, and be robbed of the comforting, healing message God has prepared for me. I’m going to read it quietly, and hear what God has to say to me. I will make this choice actively, to commune with my Maker, first thing in the morning.

As the day goes on, perhaps we’re confronted with someone who seems to be a difficult mortal. We have to make a choice. We can get mad and blow our top, break­ing our connection with God, and thereby becoming men­tally unstable and miserable. Or, we can handle the situa­tion from the standpoint of dominion, refusing to be dis­turbed, and making sure that everything we say, and do, is principled and will bless. We make the choice. If the choice is for God, it is going to bring peace and blessing to everyone we deal with. If not, life can be chaotic and unrewarding.

As the day goes on, we may be confronted with busi­ness problems. We can dive in and become so mesmer­ized that we can’t think about anything else, or we can say quickly, “God, I know that no problem can enter Your day. What is the answer? There wouldn’t be a problem if the answer weren’t already right here.” We make the choice:

Am I going to get wound up and be run around in circles by error, or am I going to turn to the Almighty God, who always has every answer, and who is ready to provide it at once?

Making choices requires discipline of thought. Some­times people think they’re going to get a real kick out of losing control, getting mad, or hating something. But that’s such a bad choice because all it brings is sorrow and de­pression. And more than that, it brings evil happenings. Open yourself to that kind of error, and it’s there waiting to rush in at you. However, turning to God, making the right choice, refusing to be disturbed, or angry, insures peace and well being. As our Leader says in Science and Health, “Man’s moral mercury, rising or falling, registers his healing ability and fitness to teach.” (p. 449) God has given us the ability to stay steady and unmoved before the unreal but sometimes aggressive claims of error. The world needs our clear, calm, Christly thinking now as it never has before.

Choices. Moment by moment, we make them. From the minute we open our eyes in the morning, until the time we retire at night, we make choices. Right choices bring abundance. They bring health and peace, the peace of God which passeth all understanding. It’s so foolish to let error make our choices for us. We can make them with God and win! That’s what Christian Science is all about, the freedom to make the right choices. In doing this, we are departing daily from error, and walking steadfastly into the kingdom of heaven. Choices. God has given us the power to make them. And thank God we can make them right. Hymn number 382 assures us of our ability to walk with God and make the right choices:

Take then the sacred rod;
Thou art not error’s thrall;
Thou hast the gift of God—
Dominion over all.

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