Eternal Youth


The subject of age is a topic people either avoid or dwell on continually. What is this all about, and what makes people get old? I’ve heard it said that you can be old at 25. This means that you can have a negative attitude about everything, thinking, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m getting too old.” Or perhaps you have a cloud over your head all the time, saying, “Things are going to go wrong, I just know it.” And guess what. They will, because we receive what we believe.

How can we get past this age thing? We can get past it by understanding that it is a lie. But what is trying to cause it? The first mistake is recording ages with, “I’m seventy years old, so I can’t do that anymore.” Who said so? Now just remember Emma Graf, at 98, bounced up the church stairs, rosy-cheeked and happy.

The recipe for eternal youth is to see yourself as God sees you, His own ageless child, and that means alert, joyous, and active. Does God grow old? Never! Well, if God doesn’t grow old, and you are His child, neither can you. Be joyous, honest, active, free. Don’t observe birthdays as years added, but as a celebration of God placing you here to fulfill your holy mission.

Beliefs of enchantment, hypnotism, astrology, numerology, etc. – all these are lying beliefs saying you are a mortal, and that you must come under so-called mortal law and get old. That’s not so! Don’t accept it. If you buy it, you go right along with the crowd, foolishly accepting one fad after another, and the worst fad is becoming decrepit.

That’s not what God has for man! I’ve seen it demonstrated too many times. People who think good, happy, kind, loving thoughts stay young, active, and lovely.

And then let’s get to the next point. Your sight, your hearing, come from God and they cannot be taken away from you. They are spiritual.

You can’t lose your memory. If that lie comes at you, deny it right away—put it out. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I have the strength, the vigor, the joy that God gives to every one of His children, and it never abates.” It continues, if you live the truth and stay loving.

Another way to stay young is to obey God’s law. Stand for right. Don’t be afraid to have the courage to speak up, as God directs you to. Look up to the one God. Don’t look up to people. That’s a dangerous thing to do. Look up to the one God, and see everyone else as your brother.

We’ve been called to liberty, not to bondage or suffering. Therefore, see everything as beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful when the trees bloom in the spring? Isn’t the snowbeautiful in winter?

The recipe for eternal youth is joy, and to love sincerely. People feel it if you really love them. Be joyous, be enthusiastic, be ready for things new and fresh. Let your days be fresh and new. Be enthusiastic about the things God gives you to do. If there’s something that isn’t quite right, God will adjust it. God doesn’t give you suffering; He loves you, and gives you only good.

The recipe for eternal youth is peace, patience, gentleness, faith, goodness, and love. There couldn’t be anything more wonderful, and as we live it, we stay young. When I was not quite 25, my dad said to me, “Know every day that you are ageless, diseaseless, and deathless; and start it right now.” I did. And it worked. I’m in no way ready for a cane or anything else. I might be ready to get on my skis or do something similar, but that’s the enthusiasm that walking with God gives you.

Now, stand fast in this liberty that God has given you. When error tries to suggest negativity, tell it, in no uncertain terms, to get out. It’s just a wicked, lying suggestion that would try to rob you of your good, and trap you into thinking negative, wrong thoughts. However, if you will hold onto the right thoughts, the positive thoughts, the loving thoughts, your life will reflect it. I know it’s true. I’ve seen it demonstrated year after year, and I know that it works. You have the same right to see it, and be blessed.

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