Expect Good


Are we expecting good? If so, it puts into operation the law of God, good, and brings good into our experience. The Bible tells us of it; certainly the life of Jesus was an example of it. We, in this church, really believe it. That’s the reason this church stands today, and that’s the reason we are dedicated to sending forth the word of God. We’re sending it all over the world, and we’re hearing from new people very regularly who have just discovered that we exist, and are so grateful to find a place where God’s healing love is lived and demonstrated.

So many wonderful things have happened to me in Science. When I was expecting my first child, the medical verdict was that the child could not be delivered naturally, and that it would have to be taken care of in the hospital. I had a really strong practitioner, who helped me to rise in the strength of Spirit to demonstrate the Truth that I had always known. When the delivery day came, the belief was that there had to be an operation. But I had absolute trust in God. One of the things I worked with was a hymn of Mrs. Eddy’s:

Strongest deliverer, friend of the friendless,
Life of all being divine:
Thou the Christ, and not the creed;
Thou the Truth in thought and deed;
Thou the water, the bread, and the wine.

Needless to say, the birth was natural, peaceful, and right, and a lovely little girl came forth.

When the human mind says “no,” we’ve learned to say, “God, what do You say?” And when God says, “yes,” that’s what we listen to. That has brought about a happy life, with so many opportunities to serve God and to live the Truth — not just now and then, but every moment. And when I did that, people came for healing; and one by one, they were all healed. There were other practitioners in the church, but they were inactive and were not expecting healing, and consequently, healing didn’t take place.

Mrs. Eddy says that sin beclouds our spiritual sense of Truth. That impressed me so. I don’t want my thought beclouded. If I’m doing anything, Father, that is not in obedience to You, show me, and I will stop at once, because I seek to obey Your will and Your law. That’s what we’re all here for, to know and do the will of God.

Mrs. Eddy also talks about getting rid of the hidden things of dishonesty. Be honest with yourself. Don’t fool yourself. If you’re doing something that you know isn’t right, don’t make excuses, just give it to God. Trust Him with it, but don’t hide it, because things that stay hidden grow larger and larger. Mrs. Eddy says, “Evil let alone grows more real, aggressive, and enlarges its claims; but, met with Science, it can and will be mastered by Science.” (Mis.)

So, expect good, believe in the law of the Lord, because His law is good, it is not variable, it is never wrong, it is never unkind. It is the law of Love. So let’s love; love everything and everybody you see. It really works. It’s a great thing, and it puts God’s law into operation in your life, and things get better and better.

Thank God for this truth that we have, and that we are living, with sincerity, every moment. Don’t turn it on and off; if you do, you’re inviting something you don’t want. So keep the law of the Lord in your heart. It’s a wonderful way to live. It’s God’s law of love and joy, and it will never fail.

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