Rejoice Evermore

From Sermons and Articles by , page 106, January 1992

A renowned medical man recently wrote that the people of this nation are afflicted with a nameless, floating anxiety. He said that they go through their days worried about they know not what.

What a lie about God’s perfect creation! Is there anything we can do to remedy it? We certainly can, and Christian Science gives the answer.

We can first thank God that no one, anywhere, can be subject to such a lie. God never said it, therefore we can resist it with all the power God has given us. In the science of mathematics it wouldn’t matter how many people believed that 2 x 2 = 5. It is untrue, and can be easily disproved.

The same thing applies to current medical or psychological beliefs. They are as untrue as 2 x 2 = 5. If God doesn’t approve them, they have no validity, and can be disproved by the person who trusts in God, and refuses to be taken in by the negative suggestions of mortal mind.

The Bible contains a wonderful answer to this fad called nameless floating anxiety. It is:

“Rejoice evermore.

Pray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (I Thess. 5:16-18).

Rejoice evermore. No matter what’s going on, rejoice!

There’s always good to be rejoiced in. God is with us forever. We can rejoice that we know this, and that God loves us. And that even though the clouds may be thick at times, God is right here, and we can trust His perfect plan.

Pray without ceasing. Don’t talk to error. Don’t listen to its arguments. Keep your thought stayed on God. Praying without ceasing, is loving to do right, and doing it!

In every thing give thanks. Not just for the big things that are so obvious, but for every little bit of good that appears, say, thank you, Father. Thank you, Father, because it all comes from You.

If someone has done something kind for you, recognize that they’ve been guided by God, and be sure you thank them, too. That completes the circle of love and gratitude.

Rejoice evermore.

Pray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks.

As you practice these truths, you will never be subject to a nameless floating anxiety. There is no such thing! The light of Truth extinguishes it.

Thank God for our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who has given us Christian Science. Thank God that we can be faithful to it, and practice it with enthusiasm and love.

God’s idea of church is forever established in Mind. Christian Science will stand forever, because it is God’s blessing to mankind.

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