Resurrection of Thought


Having been brought up in Christian Science, I didn’t know much about Ash Wednesday or the forty days of mourning called Lent. Jesus certainly never taught any such thing. But after I had married, a fine worker in Christian Science explained to me this was something that really needed to be handled, as many in the world believed Lent to be a time of depression. And if you don’t handle error, it handles you.

I have faithfully done this, and seen the truth about this lie. In Truth, this is a glorious time, a time of resurrection of thought to a better understanding of life, a better understanding of the Christ. It’s not forty days of mourning, it’s a time of rising in thought, of thanking God for every bit of good we’ve had all year, of helping our fellow man to rejoice, and lifting our thought to God. We never for a moment fall into the negativity of crucifixion. There is no such thing! There’s only the light of truth shining, and it has shined from the very beginning, and it will shine forever. It’s shining on every one of us this very moment. And with it comes tremendous blessing. For that I thank God.

God is no respecter of persons. God loves us all. God never deserts anyone who is serving Him and doing the best they know how, who is listening for His voice, and seeking to follow the way that God guides us. I don’t know what life would be if I didn’t have this Science and couldn’t talk to God this way, and know I was getting an answer. Talk to God as your best friend, because He is. If you have a need and you tell Him, God hears you. Then say, “Father, Thy will be done. If this is right, I would love to have it; but if it is not, Thy will be done. Show me Your way.” God is a loving Father. God is Love, and God cares for His beloved children, loves them, and never leaves anyone comfortless.

Christian Science is a mighty power, and it can be applied in every situation. Mrs. Eddy discovered this power, which has been here forever, but no one else was spiritually minded enough to see it. Mrs. Eddy, as has been said, was the highest mountain peak, and, therefore, the first sunbeam came and lit upon her. The light of Truth certainly did reach her and showed her the way.

I like the thought of Christian Science being the way. It’s the way to live. It’s a way to avoid trouble. It’s a way to overcome disease. It’s a way to have a happy life. And it’s also a way not to hold onto bad experiences from the past. I was taught a long time ago, when something unfortunate had happened, just to know it never happened in divine Mind. And to keep knowing it until I felt it was true; and then it was wiped out. There was no memory, no bitterness, no unpleasantness. And when I saw the person with whom the problem had been, it was healed.

Christian Science truly is the way. It’s the way out of every kind of trouble. It’s the way to heal, to bless, to uplift. That’s why we have Wednesday services. They are a midweek refreshment, to lift us up if we have become burdened by any lie, and bring us back to our right mind, knowing that we are God’s loved ideas, and that we cannot be taken down by any form of useless, unreal evil.

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