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“Three C’s and an E”


Several years ago a wise worker gave me an idea that had been most helpful to her in furthering the cause of Christian Science. She called it the “three C’s and an E.” It’s a very helpful way of keeping ourselves on the right path. The “three C’s and an E,” are confidence, courage, consistency, and expectancy.

The first C is confidence, which the dictionary defines as: “a firm belief, trust, reliance.” Through the study of Christian Science we gain a firm belief in, and assurance of, God’s love, and of His power to care for His creation. We learn that we can trust Him under all circumstances, and rely on His power to deliver us, no matter how severe the problem may be.

The second C, courage, is defined as “facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult or painful.” As we gain confidence, we find courage to stand, even if the night sometimes seems dark, and to continue to stand, no matter what lie error claims is true. As we face, and deal with the lie, it fades into its native nothingness. Science and Health assures us that, “Error is a coward before Truth.”

The third C, consistency, is defined as “holding always the same principles or practice; consistent behavior.” Consistency is refusing to go up and down with error. It isn’t declaring the Truth one minute, and then losing it by declaring something negative or ungodly the next minute. The consistent man is the trustworthy man.

The three C’s are a very important part of being healed, and in knowing God better. However, the E is what brings it about. And that is the expectancy, defined as: “that which will wait for, anticipate, and look forward to good occurring.”

As I meet people and look into their eyes, I can tell those who are expecting that God will take care of them, and those who are not.

Interesting isn’t it, how error tries to fool us! To have us not expect that God will heal us. He’s healed us in the past. Is He going to stop being God all of a sudden, and not care for us now? Of course not. But you know, that’s one of the devil’s old tricks, to make you forget all the good that God has given you over the years. And to have you think, this present problem is so bad, I guess it’s too much to ask of God. Or, to declare, “I’ve made too many mistakes. I’m not good enough to be healed. Why should God hear my prayers?” That’s the talk of the devil. Of course you deserve every good thing, because you belong to God, as does every other child of His. No one is left out of His love.

Confidence, Courage, Consistency, most necessary qualities of thought, combined with Expectancy. Do I expect that God will answer my prayers? Sometimes we’re tested. Sometimes we need to prove that we love and trust God, and that we believe what we are declaring, and are not just talking about it. Talk is cheap, it’s been said. It’s what is in your heart that counts.

In the application of the three C’s and an E, we have the solution to every problem. Science and Health tells us that, “The God-principle is omnipresent and omnipotent. God is everywhere, and nothing apart from Him is present or has power.”

Why not try the three C’s and an E, and see the wonderful changes that will take place in your life? You deserve all the good God has for His children. Claim it as your own.

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