What Makes a Good Patient?


What makes a good patient, a receptive patient, one who can be healed? I’d thought about this for many years as I practiced Christian Science.

When we obtained the First Edition of Science and Health, I discovered that our beloved Leader repeatedly mentions the words “personal sense.” As I pondered this, I began to realize that she was showing us what makes a good patient. A good patient is one who seeks to understand God. A good patient is one who knows that in working with a practitioner, he or she is not coming to a person for healing, but coming to a Christly office. A good patient is one who is willing to drop a personal sense of selfhood apart from God and put themselves, without reservation in God’s hands. It’s one who is willing to release the past. One who has the humility to say, “I’ve tried to work this out myself and I haven’t quite made it. I’m grateful that God has provided a Christly office that can help me. I’m willing to accept the Bible verse which says, ‘he that cometh to God, must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.’ I believe that God is and I know that it’s God who does the work. I can be receptive, and have a complete and thorough healing. A healing that doesn’t have to be dragged out, but is quick, complete and permanent.” The good patient drops a personal sense of himself, personal pride, and listens carefully to God. He has a willingness to get down to brass tacks, to get rid of whatever would stop progress, and go forward doing God’s work.

Thank God for all the strong pioneer hearts who come here, who have been willing to take a stand, putting aside personal sense with all its earth weights, to work for God. Let the winds of error rip! Let them blow! They don’t mean a thing. The Lord God good omnipotent reigneth now and forever.

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