Ageless Being


The false consciousness Mrs. Eddy terms mortal mind is a liar. The primary thing in mortal mind is death. There are a lot of tricks through which it operates in belief, and one of the common and universal tricks is to say that everybody after a certain number of years will manifest age.

Watch yourself. You come to this meeting year after year and say, “How much older Mr. So-and-so is!” Watch! You will find yourself doing it. There is no age, any more than there is death. Age is the most incurable of all diseases according to human belief. People may get over everything, but they are sure to succumb to age, according to human belief. Are you going to take part in it? Or are you going to take part in the demonstration that will handle the claim? There isn’t a human being in this room who needs to get any older and he doesn’t need to get as old as he is. It is not a question of years. There is no time, and eternity is our being. Life is endless, without beginning or end. It does not know how to start or finish, never did know, never can know. It just is. That is your life and everybody’s life.

If you break the mesmerism, when you look at your friends, you will find their appearance is better than it was when you were mesmerized by the thought that everybody is growing old. Let us not meet year after year and then go away and do the same old things. Let us see the creation that is ever new. God’s doing is ceaseless unfoldment. His creation is ever new. If it is ever new, it certainly is never old. You could not be any older than God if you tried, and never any younger.

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