Aggressive Mental Suggestion and Malpractice


When Mr. Kimball came on the platform the first day I studied with him, he said something like this: “If I seem to manifest any physical discord (and he did), it is because many persons believe I am in error.” He said that many persons had wanted to be in class and had not been permitted, and they believed him to be in great error. Would it seem that what these persons were believing had produced the physical discord? No, but it did seem that the belief entertained by a great many people seemingly was disturbing his thinking, until his disturbed thinking about what they were thinking was being objectified as physical discord. What needed to be treated? Not simply that he was in error, but the claim that this belief in what they were thinking could make him believe that he was in error, and could disturb or harass him.

His work was to maintain his own thinking, the Christ consciousness, undisturbed and uninfluenced by the thoughts of others, by the thoughts that were arguing to him about what others were doing or thinking. Paul said, “None of these things move me.” Even if the whole world believed him to be in error, this malpractice, these aggressive mental suggestions about him, could not make him seem to believe in error. These aggressive mental suggestions could not do a thing to his Christ consciousness. Knowing this, the physical discords vanished quickly.

This is the work of every Christian Scientist to do for himself, and for his patients. It is when you are not knowing that you cannot be mesmerized, that you are most liable to be. Mesmerism is not power, there is no mesmeric power, no magnetic power, and those aggressive mental suggestions are not power. The Christ consciousness does not give them power. Take possession of these aggressive mental suggestions with such a sense of their nullity as destroys them. They cannot mesmerize the Christ Consciousness, my Christ Consciousness. Aggressive mental suggestion has no channel or avenue, and cannot find me, or reach me through any avenue within the radius of my thinking, by mesmerizing others with aggressive mental suggestions about me.

Maintain your balance; we need balance to stand. With every aggressive mental suggestion you master, you will have a greater unfoldment of Truth and Love. Refuse to be influenced by these aggressive suggestions. Aggressive mental suggestion is all the adverse influence there is. All there is to a suggestion, is a suggestion about some spiritual reality. Melt the error away in the discernment of the one influence, one action, one substance, the one true emotion, the one presence, the one function, the one operation of law, and the harmonious rhythm of Truth and Love unfolding.

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