Very often the trouble in business arises from the fact that the human being doesn’t know his business. Know your business in a human way. Some people think Christian Science can do things like magic, but it cannot do anything to a man’s business until the man himself is changed. The success is in man, before it is in his business.

Business demonstrations come along the natural lines of human experience, and you will have to use good common sense. It is not all Elijah going up in a chariot, but much of it is the cruse of oil that shall never fail. If you are getting along all right today, there is no reason to believe that God will neglect you next week.

The first thing to do, is to see that man is a state of infinite possession. All opportunity is his. Heaven is his, the infinity of good belongs to him. Man exists at the standpoint of opportunity, not once, twice, not alone in human experience, but forever, and man is capable of seeing it. Opportunity is mental, not material, and no condition, position or circumstance can take it away. The opportunity to cast out the false and give place to the true is ever present to all mankind equally, and no law of heredity, education, environment or habit can shut out any man from the opportunity to acquaint himself with God and be at peace.

One says, “Oh, divine Love will provide everything,” just as if divine Love were something very wonderful, way off some place, showering things on a human race. The fact is, divine Love has nothing to do with man until he takes it into his consciousness. The very nature of Love is such, that it never heard of withholding, consequently, wherever Love is, there cannot be anything less than infinite abundance.

The average person coming into Christian Science, when he learns that God is Love, thinks he is liable to lose something. He is liable to become soft as dough, and that is just what mortal mind would like! The state of thought is very gullible, and such a person will find that he has become weak instead of strong. For that reason, watch and pray that you be more intelligent in business than you were before, for one of the phases of mortal mind is that it sees you a little less sharp than you were before, and it takes advantage of it.

Divine intelligence makes you many times sharper than the non-Scientist. Business exists wholly in Mind, God’s idea. Man’s business, my business, the only business there is, is in its place forever, and it is forever active. It has its foundation in divine Principle. Its law is divine law. It is self-sustained and perpetuated by the law of infinite harmony. It belongs to man. It is his legitimate heritage from God, and is forever unfolding, and there is nothing the matter with it now or forever.

No claim of lack or mental suggestion on the part of any so-called human being, nothing mortal mind can say, can darken this heritage. The false claim of lack or fear is animal magnetism, without being or organization, existence or law; without place, space, or occupancy, and any sense of fear has no effect on this business or any relation to it.

This business is the manifestation of wisdom, and this wisdom is the manifestation of God, and this natural manifestation is man. Man does not know how to lack wisdom, ability or light. This wisdom is present now, and through this treatment is made available. There is no mortal influence, opinion or suggestion that can touch this business in any manner known or unknown.

What we have to learn to do, is dignify the thing we are doing. You have got to bless your business, redeem it, and save it, and recognize its impulsion as divine. Things we are doing outwardly are beautiful and grand, if the basis and incentive are in Principle. If we are moved by divine power and Love, our actions are blest and sustained by that law. Make Principle more practical in actual life.

Thinking is a big thing. Don’t make it little. Thinking is your business. Think in a big way; it is much easier than thinking in a little way. The bigger thinking is, the better it operates in a specific instance. Don’t be afraid to see it operate in a universal way.

Principle requires honestly in seemingly little things. Truth is Principle, because it is always right. Your primary business is so absolutely fixed in God that nothing can ever touch it; and if the secondary thing looks bad, look away from it, so that you are not mesmerized by it.

The Christian Scientist maintains Truth in his consciousness until it become his consciousness, and as it becomes more pure and serene, more surely can it be demonstrated. Sometimes he goes on drifting with mortal mind, but there comes a time of reckoning, and the hard time that he has, is the greatest blessing that could ever happen to him. It wakes him up. An easy time never made a good Christian Scientist.

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