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Christian Science Practice, excerpts


Christian Scientists have to look out for their thinking. It does not matter so much what the Roman Catholics are thinking; it is what am I thinking? Is my consciousness like good? Is it sure there is nothing in the infinite universe apart from God? Is it impervious to human attack? It is foolish to be angry, to be disturbed. If you know error isn’t doing anything, it isn’t doing anything. It is what you know. I am sorry if somebody hates me, but he can’t get me to hate him. If I hate him, I am in hell, and I don’t propose to get into hell.

We are constantly declaring the Principle of Science; we need to know it better. There is nothing the matter with the infinite God; nothing the matter with His universe, with His man; nothing the matter with anybody, anywhere. When there is a belief of error, it is mesmerism, and nothing more. Deny it from the standpoint of perfection. Our denial is a denial of its power, instead of its existence.

If a treatment is really adequate, it doesn’t leave anything to strike back. It is a complete realization of its utter nothingness. If you must argue, argue until you get there, if it takes you all night. …

Our thoughts are often twisted into mere channels of mortal mind. How long must we be talking about people, instead of knowing? Man is not a person, a limited thing. He is the evidence of divine being. Stand there. Do not by any means get deep into the mud of mortal mind. Get out of it. We who have discerned some of the grandeur of divine Mind, let us be worthy of it; let us stand on the mount of revelation. Let us be that mount.

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