Consciousness, Where Art Thou?


Can you see that if you have a consciousness of failure, inability, and poverty, it is impossible to change the manifestation of these things from the outside since consciousness will outpicture itself? Change consciousness. A man with a consciousness full of troubles will find them wherever he goes. Your cross is your own consciousness of evil, nothing more; and it has been on this cross that you have nailed yourself all these years. You crucify yourself, at the same time call to be taken down from the cross. It is up to you.

Do you understand that leaving a material problem will accomplish nothing? If it is in your consciousness, you will reproduce it even though you go to the uttermost parts of the world because you take it with you. Do as Jesus did. He lifted his eyes to heaven and gave thanks. He disregarded the appearance, and let go of thoughts of how, when, why, and where; this belongs entirely out of his province. When we come to surrender the “thought-taking” process, we discover the power of God.

Jesus could do nothing of himself; neither can you. Are you going to insist that you can, and continue to struggle and fight to change something? Take your attention away from the appearance and place it on God if you desire to see the desert blossom as the rose. If you are under Spirit, you are no longer under the curse of law. Would you be surprised if your prayers were fulfilled? The fields are already white. Reap, you who read this page; reap the fullness of life everywhere. This is your power, the ability to accept the good that has been prepared for you. Unlatch the latchets of your sandals. Let go human reasoning; leave why, when, where. Be still outwardly and shout for joy within, until it shall shatter the walls of your prison. Right where you are is holy ground. Nothing is impossible to the Christ consciousness.

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