Excerpt from The 1936 Primary Class by Bicknell Young

In all the world, the wonder and beauty and value of the things we see are dwarfed into insignificance when compared with the grandeur and glory of Spirit. All that Mind has is forever available and unassailable. To be happy simply means to realize perfect freedom. Mankind must loose itself from the fetters of finite sense, because happiness is something man can secure for himself. It is the sure result of a life lived in harmony with divine Principle. What a man has might depend upon others, but what he is depends upon himself. And what we have does not make us happy unless it comes from what we are. Someone has said that unhappiness is the hunger to get happiness, while happiness is the hunger to give.

The wonderful thing about happiness is that it can grow in any soil, exist under any conditions. Like Truth, it defies environment and conditions, for it abides in spiritual sense. This God-given joy is steadfast, because it depends upon Principle and not persons. It is only the joy of the Christ which makes our joy full. As thought is freed from self-love and self-will, we find happiness surpassing anything of which we have hitherto dreamed. One might possess everything materially tangible in the world and still not be happy. Happiness does not depend upon having, but upon being; not in possessing, but on enjoying.

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