All healing is really God with us. The divine Mind which heals through Christian Science heals because it asserts itself as intelligence and law, through right thought which has natural power, and which thereby disposes of the wrong belief. It is not labored. Therefore, while our treatment should be persistent and continuous, it should not be irksome. The more sure we are, the better the treatment. The divine Mind does not labor; it knows. Do not accept evil in any form as your consciousness. Reject it at all times and find that it is natural for you to be just like God, good.

The joy of Christian Science healing work is so great, that no words can express the happiness which comes through the ability to heal the sick. Spontaneous healing should be our experience more and more.

We should remember that we are to be happy. It is our mission to be having a good time all the time. Healing which is done through any other mental condition is more or less laborious, and to the extent that is laborious, it is not the best we are capable of.

Christian Science treatment is the glory of God, made manifest. It is the dominion, power and law of God. It is also the glory or glorifying of man; man who is the reflection of God. It is the kingdom of God, the power of God, expressed through the divine image, the only man. This oneness of God and man, the unity of being, is the divine presence. It is the divine manifestation. It is the eternal fact.

In this Science of being, God is rejoicing, and man is also rejoicing, happy, beautiful all the time. Hold to this. Then you will heal the sick and keep them well. Then they will be healed by God and stay well forever.

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