In the order of divine Science, there is ONE MIND. Everything that occurs in the universe has its Being in this One Mind, Principle, “I AM THAT I AM.”

Every action, incident, movement, faculty, function, organ, in the divine creation is an idea of God, and is constantly declaring, “I AM.” Every idea must do this, and cannot do otherwise. It does not know how, and cannot know how, to be unlike infinity, perfection, eternality.

Man is well now; sustained and maintained in his business, health, etc., by God who said, “I AM.” “I AM” a law maker. My laws are divine laws, omnipotent laws. “I AM” a law unto this and every condition and circumstance that confronts me.

Have no fear; the only “I AM” there is, is infinite Spirit. There is nothing going on in reality but infinite “I AM,” enforcing its own law.

The thing that takes care of what seems to be a problem is to find out that there isn’t one, because all that Mind has done is not in the nature of a problem, but is in the nature of scientific manifestation of divine Intelligence, which after its divine nature is ever uttering itself “I AM,” and which finds in its own nature nothing that is unlike itself, and knows no problem.

Our God is so kind and true, so loving and just, and is so constantly knowing “I AM,” that I will know what to do and do it at the right time.

“To sit quietly and declare ‘I AM’ will confer a power that nothing else can.” (Mary Baker Eddy) “Absolute acknowledgement of the ever presence of infinite Perfection.”

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