Ideas from infinite Mind

From 1936 Primary Class, by Bicknell Young, pages 142

There is one Mind and that is All. Christian Science is the Science of this infinite Mind. The demonstrations of this Science humanly, depend upon the activity of thought, upon thought that is really inspired, thought that really has its inception in the one Mind even though it appears to be your thought or my thought. It has to appear as your thought or my thought; otherwise it could not be available humanly. Yet it does not originate in the mind that is not original, because thoughts that reveal God have their being in the one Mind.

Without any false humility, you can claim that these ideas which come so clearly that they lift us out of a sense of limitation, depression, sorrow, sin and death, have their being in the one infinite Mind, and are the one infinite Mind in expression. That is what made Jesus what he was. Yet he did not claim anything for himself that he would not claim for anyone else.

The Science of Being is like any other science that comes to human beings. It is to be apprehended and used humanly. Its Principle is not obvious to the human race, but it is discernible. It is discerned in the realm of thought and then constitutes the thought. Humanly speaking, the only “beginning” is our awakening to the self-evident Principle of all things, Mind. Your own thinking is you. You are not a person who thinks. All the good qualities exist in Mind before they are manifested in human character. But it is not enough to manifest divine qualities. You must get beyond that in your thought. You must get the Principle of all things. Then the human manifestation is God saying, “I AM,” in every detail.

We are not here just to learn something. We are doing something here. Science is the law of God to His own creation. Here is the inevitable operation of Principle in an infinite universe and of every idea in that universe; and, as we see this, we are doing something about that universe and every idea in it. A person experiencing something of the I Am that is infinite Mind, is manifesting the law of infinite Mind to its every idea. And this should all have an effect that is universal, if our thinking is big enough to include the universe. We must assume the omnipresence, the omnipotence, the omniscience of our Mind, and take the whole thing in as our thought.

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