Individual Consciousness


Today is the day of conscious oneness with God, and our whole life can start anew from this period. Let us take today as our day. Age has nothing to do with it; past experience; lack; — none of these has anything to do with it. Let today be the day of “Conscious Oneness with God.” Ask yourself, “Do I know God as the Consciousness of individual being?”

All power is in God, which is my individual consciousness. Therefore, my experience, whether it is the experience of my health, home, companionship, business, supply, all of it is my own state of consciousness unfolding. As all power is given unto me, all power exists at the standpoint of God, if I entertain this Truth in consciousness, this consciousness manifests itself as what appears to be improved person, place, thing, or condition. No experience can come to me, except as the unfolding of my own consciousness. When I realize that all is God unfolding and disclosing Himself, then the experiences I attract to me are on the level of this realization. There is no use in blaming people for any error in my experience; there is no use in blaming any circumstance or condition, or thinking that it was something over which I had no control. The real blame is at the door of ignorance of this Truth, so there is not much excuse to go on year in and year out allowing the domination of person, place, or thing.

Everything that happens in our experience is the direct result of our own consciousness. When we feel “out of tune,” we are not bringing harmony to anyone or anybody, but when we have the sense of ONENESS, we are a law of health and peace for everyone who comes within the range of our consciousness. Let us learn to stop blaming someone else for our troubles. That which goes on in consciousness must be manifested outwardly. That which appears as the activity of consciousness, appears as the harmony without. Our work is done when we attain our sense of oneness with God.

Healing is not really the overcoming of disease, or the changing of certain conditions of body. Healing, rather, consists in opening our consciousness to the inflow of spiritual Truth, and as this Truth fills our consciousness, it manifests itself as an improved body, as improved conditions, as improved health.

Let us assume that there is a discordant organ or function of the body. Here again, we turn within and ask ourselves, “Is health, activity, power, in any organ or function of the body? Or is the body in its entirety an effect of Consciousness? And is not Consciousness that which governs and controls? And is not Consciousness — God? Then, has not God all control over that which appears to us as person, place, thing, organ, or function?” The moment you have realized that Truth, you have proven dominion over the diseased or discordant action.

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