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Everything that is true is in our favor, individually and reciprocally. The untrue, the unreal, the illusion, is all that is against us, and its so-called power and law are unreal. The truth of God and man comes in Christian Science, and there is no matter nor personal mind to it or about it. Mrs. Eddy says, “Truth is the intelligence of immortal Mind.” (S&H p.282) It acts as Mind, if we think it, instead of merely thinking about it.

The fear that we entertain is often in regard to things that might happen, not only to ourselves, but also to mankind. There is a kind of fluctuating fear, which comes and goes, and is always present. The fear of war. You ought not to ignore this fear, because there are people who believe that we are bound to have another war pretty soon, and there are other people who are perfectly sure that we will have one at some time.

To establish peace among ourselves becomes therefore a matter of the high importance for the universal welfare. We should, by united front, prove the power of the Christian religion, scientifically understood and demonstrated, to offset and nullify the fears and suspicions and superstitions for mankind.

We cannot ignore the claim that there is more or less constantly in evidence a belief of malicious opposition to spirituality. The most ancient writings of the Old Testament, intelligently read, show that the so-called chosen people were constantly warned against this by those who were enlightened enough to recognize it. Basically, it is always the same claim: it is error opposed to Truth. Watch yourself. Don’t let any doubt come in as to the power of God to help you at any time. Avoid the tendency to think that there is something too big for your understanding. God’s grace is sufficient.

Do not permit any such seeming conflict to get started and go on, within your own consciousness. Christian Scientists should not suffer in progressing, and they never would suffer in their path heavenward, if the door of thought were closed against beliefs and fears often outgrown, but sometimes revived by suggestions which awaken unpleasant memories. However, we are not helpless, even though we may have been off guard. We can expel and exclude evil suggestions by being alert and practical. We can say and know, “This is not my thought. I refuse to believe it or think it.”

Love more. All the time love more, and then more, and don’t let it be sentiment. Just Love; the Love which teaches compassion, where nobody is condemned, where nobody is for a single moment cast out of heaven, but is always being redeemed. There is nothing in the universe that can withstand the power of Love, Infinite Love, and when you think it and say it, mean it. When you really think and feel Love, you don’t have to do something to your voice. If your thought is right, nobody can escape the redeeming influence of that thought.

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