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Don’t be stampeded by the belief that memory can fail. That’s just the belief that brains think and can be impaired. There isn’t any thinking matter, and no function of mind can be impaired. Getting away from these material views is spiritualizing thought so that your memory will improve. Absolutely speaking, man does not have a memory. He does not remember, but knows by reflection. Nothing is ever lost to the one infinite consciousness for an instant.

“Memory” is a word indicating the conscious nature of Mind, in which Truth is so vivid, constant, clear, that everything humanly essential may be recalled instantly by means of its light. On the other hand, everything we may be entertaining that is humanly afflictive may be properly obliterated. It is a poor use of memory to review error. We must learn to live in the present, instead of minding the past or future. And, because everything good is possible to man right now, you have only to live in the present moment to be equal to it.

Memory demonstrated is consciousness, the infinity of Mind. In Science you cannot forget anything, and you must get an understanding of the fact that you think with Mind, not matter. Then you will have no fear of loss of memory.

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