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Nothing Is Going On But Good

From 1936 Primary Class by , page 70

Animal magnetism is not something up here to be feared. The Science of Mind is not in the things it deals with. Truth is not in the error it deals with.

War is animal magnetism. Drought is not lack of rain, it is animal magnetism. You might treat until blue in the face as a drought and not get anywhere; but treat it as animal magnetism and you meet it. Weather is something we have the ability to take care of if we would. If mortal mind says that the weather threatens, gain ascendancy over this. Who says so? What is that to God, to infinite, divine, ever-present, all-powerful, all-knowing Love? The only weather there is is divine weather. You may not imagine it, but you know it. Weather is something that Scientists can do something about. Everything that is evil is mesmeric belief, animal magnetism. Realize that nothing is going on but good.

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