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In view of the fact that our textbook announces clearly that there is only one Soul, there should be no doubt about that. One Soul. No soul in any human being or in any animal. Don’t be afraid to see that. And I say to you, everybody should get rid of this old notion that you have a soul in your body that might escape. There is nothing of the kind going on. There is just one Soul — God. That is the only Soul anybody has.

Spirit is the substantial, enduring, ever-present, ever-well, ever-active, ever-harmonious substance of all creation, the substance of you, all the substance you have got. Soul indicates something else. As it is used humanly, the word Soul has a kind of a meaning a little higher than the word Spirit. Everything that is beautiful is said to be produced by Soul. It is, if you like, that particular ability of infinity to express itself in infinite beauty throughout creation. Everything that is beautiful that we know anything about, has its origin in Soul, divine Mind. That is the reason that in order to express beauty a person must be something besides an intellectual. There are thousands of people who cannot express anything in the nature of beauty, because they have no Soul. Oh well, they have a Soul, of course, but they have not awakened to Soul. Some people express it with great spontaneity in one way and lack it in all other ways.

Some can sing. Some can paint. Expressed in one direction, we call it artistic nature. But it should not be one-sided. Understanding Soul better, we do not lose anything that is legitimate or proper in the way of expression, but become more and more effective and far more helpful to the world. At one time I was a professional singer and was soloist at First Church in Chicago when services were being held in the old Auditorium Theater. I found that selecting my songs and rendering them so as to please all was a disturbing and impossible task. Then one day, as I was entering the theater, it came to me that if there was anything true about singing, then everyone was singing. This straightened everything out, because we were all singing together. That is the nature of Soul.

Beauty cannot be affected by any belief, because it has its being in God. It is all the time, forever, one with its own infinitude and perfection. It cannot be afflicted or impaired in any way, because there is no other power or presence. There is no conceivable way in which it could be injured, because there is nothing to conceive of injury. Beauty, in all its glorious perfection, is conceived by God alone as the conception of God. Beauty, regardless of any material seeking, is spiritual. Like Truth, it is eternal. So don’t criticize anyone for trying to be beautiful! We’ll all be beautiful in heaven, you may be sure!

The way of Science is the way of correct education, and it does away with that old belief that there is a soul in the body which must escape. It shows that God is Soul, and infinity cannot get into anything. All beauty exists as a quality of God, Soul. It is not material. We say, “He does not put any soul into his singing, or painting, or writing.” Then we say it is soulless. And that is correct. Soul is the very source of all we know of beauty, grandeur, all that makes existence bearable.

In healing work Soul is just as essential as Mind. It lifts us out of the rut of repeating words, and shows us that inspiration is more than a method. And let us all look as well as we can! It is quite legitimate for anyone to try to be beautiful. We can’t get into heaven without beauty! The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of beauty.

Soul is the epitome of actual knowing, and it signifies happiness, harmony, peace, and so forth, and when one is demonstrating Soul, the beauty of Soul will be manifested in his surroundings. Soul is the substance of all beauty, the Principle and activity and law of all that is beautiful and harmonious. We may associate matter with beauty, but beauty is eternal, elevating, noble and grand. So we need not think that we can ignore the beauty of the so-called material world. The eternality of beauty will appear in the measure that we cease to associate matter and personality with beauty.

If a person gets rid of his fear and his human emotions are redeemed through Soul, he will become intuitive and have a very clear perception which will be sufficient to heal cases quickly — where a quality less loving and less beautiful would fail to perceive the good and the true. Sometimes “emotional” people are much more scientific than the placid ones. Human emotion is not altogether to be avoided. As you advance in the Science of Soul, you will see beauty where you never saw it before.

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