“Oneness” excerpt


As we gain understanding of God, if we are not the same Mind, having the same understanding of individual Being, our being, God is still a theory. What is the difference between theory and reality? A theory is something believed, but not necessarily used or lived. Reality is being what one understands. It is realistic Being.

In Christian Science it means understanding, thus demonstrating I AM individually, instead of merely believing in God. Mrs. Eddy says, “If God were understood instead of being merely believed, this understanding would establish health.” (S&H 203:7)

Much may be accomplished for the Cause of Christian Science, and the world today, by the individual who is knowing, and being the one Mind. Because he understands his being to be the individual appearing or manifesting of God, this individual works effectively, with power. He loses a sense of himself as having a mind separate from God. He feels sure of his work, and he speaks with authority, whether it is a belief of sin, disease, death, or warring nations, he is handling. One does not feel that his work is futile, if the suggestion should come, “What can your thinking do among so many?” He knows better than that, because he is gaining a new meaning of “One with God is a majority.” For he knows his consciousness is God.

If we know this of ourselves, we know that we are good, because God is the only good. We know we are intelligent, because God is the only intelligence. We are harmonious, because God is the only harmony. We are the very presence of these things. We no longer feel that our demonstration lies in an appeal to a power outside of ourselves, to do this or that; but that we are the very presence of these things, even the presence of something that may seem to be lacking.

A fog can be dispelled only by the clear shining of the sun—that is, it takes the presence of the sun to do so. No more can we disperse an error, but by being the very presence or power called God.

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