Our Daily Bread


“Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God’s day.” (S&H 584) This day is today. It is God’s day, Good’s day, Mind’s day, Love’s day. It is the unfoldment of spiritual ideas.

Clear up your thought right away in the morning. Think, “As I go on my way rejoicing in the Lord, I can do all things through Christ who strenghteneth me.” Mrs. Eddy left Science and Health for us to amplify. Take and amplify one statement of the Textbook daily, study it in a progressive way, and ponder it. You can’t study it today as you did yesterday, because more has been revealed. Be normal, be peaceful, be sure, and let one Mind operate.

Always voice the Truth; to declare that Christian Science is difficult is not voicing the Truth! Christian Science is the easiest, the only thing in the world, on the earth, or in the heavens — for God, Good, is all.

Don’t settle into a rut. You must use the abilities you have. Man is God-acting, so think of it as God-acting, not God helping man. God is acting in man.

Allow yourself to progress. Alert work is necessary. No suggestion can stand between you and progress. You must not dream for a moment that you can fail. We can do all things because God is the source of opportunity. We should gain all things for Christ. We don’t have to give up. “But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

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