Prayer for Those in Authority


Anybody who is familiar with the conditions which beset legislative bodies in the world knows that such bodies are constantly subject to mental suggestion of all kinds. This is particularly true with the Congress of the United States, due to the belief of a vast country with innumerable and varied interests which appear to conflict with each other.

If these are the beliefs, and if we admit that they are contrary to the welfare of mankind, Christian Scientists should do something about them, and happily they are able to do much. They know that anything coming within the range of their consciousness can be dealt with, and they should know that the seeming magnitude of the claim has no terrors for them.

In every instance where you find Congress being influenced in such ways as are apparently unwise and absurd, you will sometimes find that if you recognize that, “Here is a false claim of a will apart from God, and a desire to accomplish the will of greed, and envy, and perhaps mad ambition and pride, in operation hypnotically,” and you make a denial of that, you will find that you are helpful.

You are not required to treat all the Congressmen. The fact that is important is that you handle your own sense of the thing that you have read about, or hear about, and begin to establish for yourself the fact, that the Infinite Mind is governing even your Congress, your city if you like, your country, your world.

It should not be an effort on your part to impose your own opinion upon anybody. It is your divine understanding, the Christ redeeming the world, overcoming evil, bringing to light the naturalness of Good in behalf even of those who at present do not know there is any Good.

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