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Protective Work


In doing “Protective” work, one should take half an hour each day, and declare the truth about “malpractice.”

Mental malpractice may be defined as improper mental activity; it tries to make a Christian Scientist think there is a return of old beliefs. When you give a Christian Science treatment, declare: “There is no law of malpractice that can make me forget anything that is essential to make this a perfect and complete treatment, and a successful one.”

A treatment is the work and word of God. It does not return unto Him void but it is final and complete in its effects and the results thereof. Sometimes when you feel that you cannot get results, declare the truth in this manner: “This treatment is the very essence, power, presence, and activity of infinite and perfect good. It does its work because it is ‘God with us,’ and it does wipe out, obliterate and destroy. It reduces to its native nothingness any mortal belief in a power apart from God. God is the only power. God is the only Life-there is no law of reversal.”

Never be afraid of fear; it is only mesmerism. Communion with God is the law which destroys the presence of evil at all times. These are facts; these are truths. Truth is infinite. It has no opposition. It has no competitor. Truth is omnipotent, omnipresent, so error of any name or nature has neither power nor presence. Truth is its own utterance, its own impulsion. It is irresistible. Nothing can withstand it. Nothing can delay, hinder or limit its activity, or affect its affirmations. Nothing can ever limit its capacity for expression. In fact, it is the word of God which …”shall not return unto me void, but, it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11).

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