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Quiet Realization


A practitioner of Christian Science has some time or some hour in which he says or realizes the truth. He gets a time which he calls a “quiet time.” “He enters into a closet,” so to speak, where the material senses are shut out and there Science is expressed, and being educated in Science and educating himself hourly, persistently, he gains what he calls a “realization” on behalf of someone, himself or the world. In the realm of thought there comes to him clearly some ideas such as I have mentioned before– “God is Mind, God is Love, God is Soul, God is Spirit, God is infinite Principle, and God is Life.” (Science and Health) These are ideas, and sometimes these ideas come so clearly that there is no other consciousness, and then the suggestion comes that someone is sick, or some such belief, and immediately to that consciousness the tangibility of those ideas is so real that the individual gets well, because the infinite Presence becomes the actual law to the occasion.

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