Saving the World

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You have taken on a tremendous job when you became a Christian Scientist. You have virtually aligned yourself with God.

The thoughts of Christian Scientists are not the thoughts of mortal mind. Their thoughts are divine Principle, their thoughts are the Christ — and the Christ is come to the world not merely to save you and me individually, but to save us collectively — not merely to show us how to carry on our daily affairs, not merely to bless in a limited way, but to bless us in an infinite way.

Our government is a part of our consciousness, and in redeeming our consciousness, we shall save our government. Our government was established by divine Principle and it had its being in a thought of human freedom many centuries before it appeared in human thought. When we come to a great test in this country — it is not who is in Washington — but what is right.

In your own thought you must maintain the facts — that after this country and its government had been tested by a civil war that was terrible to bear, and when it appeared that it could stand for the ideals for which it was founded — then appeared Mrs. Eddy’s discovery — it did not just merely happen. It was just as though God had said, “This is the way it ought to be.” It was just as divine as the birth of Jesus — and so it came about that in due time the impersonal Christ appeared and it came where it could come.

We are Christian Science practitioners saving the world. Don’t doubt it.

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