Science of the One Mind

From Association Address 1934, by Bicknell Young

The divine Mind is the only Mind. There is no other Mind; consequently, God, the one and only Mind, is the one and only Mind of each one of us. And the law of this Infinity, this Principle, or Life of all that lives, is perfection. In view of this, Christian Science has no resemblances. We should be awake to this fact and to the reason for this fact, which is that Christian Science is the Science of the one and only Mind.

All phases of occultism and of Hindu or Eastern philosophy or religion, are beliefs of mind over matter. Christian Science, on the contrary, is the allness of the Mind that is God and the utter unreality of matter. Therefore, beware of anything that is said to resemble Christian Science, because there is no such thing, and all such systems claiming such resemblances are not only misleading, but poisonous, both mentally and physically.

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