Standing with God


We need, and the world needs, a quiet steadiness. Do not rush; all that needs to be overcome comes to us without any rushing on our part. We must stand calmly and fearlessly, knowing there is nothing but the eternal fact of infinite, perfect Mind which expresses infinite, perfect ideas. A Christian Scientist’s progress is a continuous triumph; a continual ascent through all eternity, growing in knowledge of God, Good.

“We have ascended” is a better term than “overcome.” There is no contention, only dominion. Think less that we are undergoing conflict; have more triumph.

You don’t have to overcome fear; it can’t do anything to you, and it doesn’t make any difference if you are afraid. Make the declarations that constitute operative Truth, then the responsibility is not yours. Have more confidence. This will come when you become less afraid of fear.

Don’t be afraid to say, “I am happy,” and say it as though it were the Christ saying it, and the Christ maintains it. Take on the dominion of God, and not the struggle of a limited understanding. Let your thought at once assume the character of Christian Science. Do not struggle to get it. Be it. It is just as easy, and far more effective.

You have taken on a tremendous job when you became a Christian Scientist. You have virtually aligned yourself with God. You say to God, “I am with You for evermore; I stand with You as Your child; I promise You my allegiance.”

The world is becoming accustomed to the fact that God is available through Christian Science. And we are learning to walk with God gradually. The truth you know constitutes the ability to face and diminish difficult situations, not with mere exaltation, but with the very presence of Mind, Wisdom, Love, God, Principle. Love, the one and only Mind, is the only action and the only power of the universe.

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