The Power of Love


Lack of love is the only trouble in the world today. Love alone will heal the distrust, jealousy, fear, and ignorance of the race. It will also heal poverty and disease.

One might be justified in not liking another person, but he should still love him. There would be something the matter with you, if you liked everyone! You can’t like unpleasant and objectionable things, and call that love. However, everyone is entitled to your scientific respect.

We don’t lose human affection in Christian Science; we lift it up. Don’t stifle human affection. Just let it be more and more like God. Love is so powerful that when we demonstrate it, it will do something to everything we come in contact with. Every difficulty that we encounter will fade out in the presence of Love, but we must be that presence.

Love more; all the time more and more. Not a maudlin sentimentality, but Love; love which is ever kind, where nobody is condemned, but reformed; love, where nobody for a single moment is shut out of heaven, but always put there and kept there.

You may have different opinions and different views, but never permit yourselves to part in anger. Don’t go away and say, “He’s been handled by mortal mind!” If he were, what would heal him? Would hatred and resentment do it? Think the way God would think about everybody.

Christian Science does not exempt us from having good manners and from being considerate of others’ feelings. Be very careful what you think. Never entertain any thought that would harm another, if it had the power to do so.

First, last, and always, the great need is love. It is the very acme of all things and it is the glory of absolute Science.

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