The Real Work of Church Work

Excerpts from the 1936 Primary Class

Anyone who has not been in church work does not know himself. There is nothing so chastening as church work. The individual has to learn to discipline himself, and this should be apparent from the start. There is nothing that enables one to find out the weaknesses in his own character so much as church experience. (page 137)

In this work, the thing to do is to have within myself that wonderful church which is the consciousness of the infinitude of God, the divine, infinite effect of the one cause.

Divine understanding reveals to me both the Principle and the idea of infinitude in every experience. The Mind that is God, is the Mind of man, my Mind, and the only Mind. Whatever doubt or fear or uncertainty assails consciousness, here is my refuge and strength —the one infinite Mind having done all things well and maintaining perfection eternally. Knowing this, whatever I seem to encounter, things must begin to move, to straighten out. …

But the real work is done in my own consciousness, where I know what is going on and hold to the truth that the only action is divine, having its place in God, sustained and maintained by infinite Spirit, the divine substance and presence, the only impulsion of which is Love. This infinite Mind includes all place and provides everything that place means. This is the Holy Ghost. Working from the standpoint of absolute Science, getting self-feeling out of the way entirely, any demonstration can follow in church difficulties. (pages 129-130)

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