The Term MAN


A Christian Science treatment is not me thinking about you, or for you — or to heal you of something. It is the Truth of what you really are NOW and forever, and this Truth blots out the suggestion that claims to be you and blots it out forever.

The term “man” includes all that is called “mankind,” man means all men, and every creature individually. God is Life — Truth — Mind — Love; man exists in and as Life, Itself; Love, Itself; Truth, Itself; and Mind, Itself.

Man is the manifested presence, and expression of Life, Mind, Truth, Principle. Existing as perfect presence, expression and activity — including all — man is wanting nothing to beautify, glorify, or purify his existence. Co-existent with God, he is the very presence of eternal Life Itself, and indestructible substance. Existing as the manifested presence and expression of the Father, man is a state of complete possession of infinite Mind including within Itself all ideas.

Man’s characteristics are: love, harmony, dominion, accomplishment, clear discernment, and perfect, accurate action in everything he thinks or does. Man and his activities are the full and normal presence and expression of infinite Principle — incapable of even the slightest variation from absolute perfection. Man being the presence and expression of infinite Mind, man has within himself all that constitutes completeness and harmonious being — he does not desire — he is in possession.

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