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The United States of America, excerpts


God is governing His own universe all of the time, and governing it correctly. There isn’t a thing of which we can take cognizance, that cannot come under the law of that divine power, and all that is required of us, is said in that chapter in Miscellaneous Writings on “Fidelity:” Be faithful. …

The old landmarks are disappearing. They are disappearing rapidly. In our country the political situation has assumed suddenly an aspect utterly unlike anything that has preceded it. We have gone on with various parties; today the thing has changed, and we find that instead of being divided into two political parties, the Republican and Democratic, we are virtually divided into the clerical and anti-clerical party, whether we will or not. It just happened like that. Now what are we going to do about it? The trouble or danger about it, is that you see it wrong. One will say the Republican or Democratic party is nearest right, and you go on in the same old way. Now what really have you got to do? …

If one thinks that all these things are subject to caprice and the law of change, then he might as well not have any country. If he knows that his country is that which he thinks of correctly, that which he loves from the standpoint of Love, that which he honors, and sustains, and supports, because of Principle, and that the government is really the government of God, or Christ, and there is no other, then he knows something; and if he goes on knowing, he will meet any difficulty, he will meet any danger, overcome any threat, and establish divine power in behalf of his country. He will be more of a patriot than he ever dreamed of being, because he is exercising divine power to sustain whatever may be in accordance with Principle, in the administration, or in the law of his country, and to absolutely maintain it, and perpetuate it, for the benefit of mankind. Every right idea has its being in God, and therefore it is maintained by God, Principle, Love, and operates on behalf of mankind, and Christian Science is here as this mighty power. That which eternally is, that which counts, is to know that God has already done all things well, and this is the standpoint of Christian Science.

“Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.” (S&H 16:31)

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