Biography of Martha Wilcox

According to the introduction in the book ADDRESSES BY MARTHA WILCOX, Mrs. Wilcox was a school teacher in Kansas, with a deeply religious background. She had traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, where she was given a copy of Science and Health, devoured the truth it contains, and was healed of a long-standing physical disorder.

She joined the local Christian Science church, received class instruction in Christian Science, and devoted her entire time and energy to her healing work. In 1908 Mrs. Wilcox was called to Boston to serve Mary Baker Eddy in her home at Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Mrs. Wilcox was a very faithful worker in Mrs. Eddy’s home. At one time, new carpets were to be laid in the home while Mrs. Eddy was out for an afternoon drive, and Mrs. Wilcox took it upon herself to lay the paper for the carpets so the work would not be delayed. When Mrs. Eddy returned, the carpets were perfect. With tears streaming down her face, she called for Mrs. Wilcox, and said, “I have been praying for God to send someone who will stand, no matter what comes up, and He has told me to call you.” Mrs. Wilcox dedicated the rest of her life to the practice and teaching of Christian Science.

Her writings were the first writings on Christian Science, other than Mrs. Eddy’s, that I had ever read, and I found them thrilling! Her description of life in Mrs. Eddy’s home gave me a deeper love and appreciation for Mrs. Eddy.

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