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Be Not Afraid

, page 337, by Edward A. Kimball

I can remember when it came to me that I did not have to be afraid. I did not expect to be healed; I couldn’t see how I was ever going to pull out, until one morning, about three o’clock, when things seemed pretty near the edge, it absolutely dawned on me that the things people had been saying for centuries were true, that God—meaning Good, right thinking, right knowing,—is Omnipotent, that that means all power and the only power. And when that came to me, then followed this, that if God—Good—is the only power, then there isn’t any other power that I need to be afraid of; and because there isn’t, I won’t be afraid; and just as soon as I stopped being afraid, because I did not have to be afraid, I knew that I was going to get well. And let me say to some of you who perhaps are patients, that you do not need so very much treatment; what you need to do is to take God at His word. “Be not afraid,” because you do not have to be afraid.

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