Declaring What Is True


What we are lacking in is intelligence, faith, and confidence. Error will come up and declare that you do not realize the truth. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to say, “I don’t realize it”? It is easy to wind Christian Scientists up, unless they wake up.

What is your Saviour? Is it, “I am discouraged; I cannot realize the truth”? Is it “I haven’t enough confidence in my treatment”? But what is the one being saved going to do? He will declare, “I do realize the truth. It shall not return void. It is the word of God, and I cannot be mesmerized to believe I have not confidence in it.” That is what one who is being saved will know.

You must declare what is true about yourself, if you want to be saved in Christian Science. If the suggestion comes that says you cannot do it, declare that you can do it. Whenever error asserts itself, you have to declare that you are right. If it declares you cannot lift your arm, declare you can. God governs, and in the name of Science and in the name of law, you have the right to declare the perfection of everything about you, and only as you do it will you be governed by good. I would, therefore, say that your saviour is the right idea about everything. This is the Christ with us, the power and affirming of the right idea.

Don’t stand around and say a few things and trust God to do the rest. He has done something. Bring out the facts of being and deny the error. You have got to do it. You sit around and say it is God’s business to bring it out. He has already brought it out! You must manifest it by reflecting God. You have to do this and have faith in it. What you want to do is to know that every treatment is the very word of God. It is the power of good that destroys the fear of evil.

Reflecting the law of God is the enforced law of annihilation to the so-called law of false belief. Your treatment has to be big enough to know that it is the operation of the divine law breaking the so-called law of false belief.

A Christian Scientist can do nothing more than to bring the whole healing process into the mental realm and not submit to the belief that there is something to cure. It is not a material body, but a belief in it. It is like a rubber ball which has been squeezed out of shape. As soon as you let go of it, spontaneously, according to the law of resiliency, it comes back into shape. Just as soon as you break down the belief, the body will recover.

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