Error Appears, But to Disappear


When a claim presents itself, we pine, and sometimes we get a little huffy and irritated because this thing has come upon us, and we do not understand it. What we want to know is this — that error always appears to disappear! Now, when we begin to grumble, it is upon the supposition that error comes to stay.

We need to know that just so long as we accept any phase of error, error will play upon us as we would play upon the keys of a piano. When such conditions are presented to you, they come to disappear, if you only know it.

The proper thing to do is to begin rejoicing instead of getting angry and irritated, not because you have a claim to meet, but rejoice because you have the understanding and might of God wherewith to meet it. And if you will turn from it and rejoice, you will find that it will be worth more than fifty or sixty treatments that do not work. Remember this, — to the degree that you manifest any understanding of divine Principle, to that degree, you have the identical understanding which Jesus manifested. Therefore, since your Christ, your understanding, when manifested by Jesus, walked upon the water, healed the sick and raised the dead, what have you to be afraid of? Trust your understanding, and rejoice!

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