Fearlessly Meet The Claim

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Activity And Glorious Progress

When anything goes wrong, get to work in the realm of thought and fearlessly meet and destroy the claim. Appropriate the blessings which Truth has given you. Persistently declare the Truth about everything error is lying about, and know that the declaration of the Truth breaks the claim, as the truth is always positive and effective. Declare yourself in heaven in every treatment, and out of error. Know that Mind is always true and that lies have no mind to emanate from. Do not dally with the subject. Our deliverance depends upon how we cling to God and His ideas, and how fast we stop believing lies. Declare the Truth as instantly as you would step out of perdition into heaven, and you will know that the way out of every claim you meet and master, is like another step out of hell into eternal life; but when we let ourselves get annoyed by a claim, we are cheating ourselves out of progress. Each demonstration gives strength and courage to meet the next one, and progress is glorious.

Do Not Blame Others

Stop believing any circumstance or person is to blame for your failures or short-comings or slow growth. Our God is our best friend and deliverer, and will deliver. Hate flies when confronted with Love; Love is the best transparency. When our thoughts are clouded by resentment, hatred or error, the Truth cannot shine there; so keep your windows clean.

Wash Your Mentality Before You Wash Your Hands

If there is any resentment or hate in your heart, stay at home, pull down the blinds; don’t wash your hands, until you have cast it out. Know that evil suggestions coming to your consciousness can gain no momentum there, nor can they gain force or power when met by Christ, who casts out devils. Hate brings death; Love is Life sustained.

Malicious Mental Malpractice Annulled

If anybody hates you, you will find it out; if you are realizing the nothingness of the claim, you will learn that no hatred can harm you but the hatred you harbor for another. No one can make us suffer by their seeming hatred of Christian Science.

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