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Short Address Delivered in 1900

God is absolutely All, at this moment, and God is good; hence it is an absolutely incontrovertible, unchanging fact that there is nothing in the universe but Good and Its perfect effect.

This God is Mind, forever conscious of its own selfhood, and never was and never will be conscious of anything else. Mind is eternally one, and this One is all-inclusive. It is now including all that by any possibility can be needed for perfect Mind.

Mind is self-governed. It is now and forever conscious of its own divine impulsion, Love. It is inspired by, energized by, prompted by and forever moving in accordance with this one and only impulsion, Love.

For this reason, Mind — the only Intelligence — is calm, trustful, tranquil and eternally confident, because it is simply experiencing the potency of its own nature, Love. Therefore, there is in the limitless realm of Mind no possibility or occasion for fear. There is nothing in Love to engender fear, nothing in Mind to cognize it, nothing in Good to maintain it, no room in the universe of Love for any such thing.

Mind — perfect Self-Consciousness — knowing Itself to be One, and forever governing Itself, forms the basis of Its perfect nature, Love, and is immortal Life. This means that — since everything that Mind holds in consciousness is evidence — expression — of Itself, and Itself is substance, Mind simply now realizes that It is experiencing immortality.

All the ideas in the universe, at this instant, are statements of this one Mind; therefore they are kept, maintained, vitalized, governed and directed by Itself, everlasting Good.

These ideas constitute the Word of God, which — according to His promise — shall accomplish that whereunto they are sent.

This Mind, filling all space, leaves no room for any other mind; containing all that can by any possibility be needed for life, action or power, leaves nothing to compose any other mind; and being conscious of acting as infinite causation, leaves no cause or element of causation for any other mind.

This conscious Mind, being conscious of completeness, of satisfaction, of infinite knowing, makes it an utter impossibility that there can be, ever was or ever will be, another mind.

This one Mind, including all and being All, can never know, meet or have, opposition. There is nothing to oppose, to oppose for, to oppose with, no method of procedure, no medium, and no cause, action, or power for any such thing, because God is All and cannot oppose Himself.

Being All, God is perfectly conscious of His own divine authority, simply knows the perfection of His own government, realizes His own limitless control, has evidence — proof — of His own unopposed supremacy.

He is conscious of doing whatsoever He will, and His will is good. Mind, therefore, is all the government, legislation, law, and operation of law there is, and this law is incontrovertible, infinite in extent and power.

Man is forever enfolded within the perfect consciousness of Good. He cannot get away, for one instant, from the protecting, loving, all-inspiring, all-sustaining, allseeing, all-controlling purity of Love. He has no care, no responsibility, nothing to arrange, to plan, to accomplish, to get, to long for, because he simply has all possible good.

There is no future in the eternal now of infinite Mind. Hence, there is no future in which to realize Truth, or to know God, or to reach perfection, and no demonstration to make, because the only demonstration there is, ever was, or ever will be, is God’s, and that is made now, and man is the knowledge of this fact. He simply knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the eternal facts of being in Good.

He, man, has spiritual cognition, complete conviction of good, knows Good to be one in government, one in power, one in activity, one eternal presence, one consciousness, one tangible, veritable state of being. What he eternally is, is the consciousness of Good, the spiritual discernment of Truth, the knowledge of one Mind. He is one state of pure, natural, unclouded consciousness, acting, moving, having his perfect being in the unchanging love of God.

He cannot fall from his high estate. His dominion cannot be taken away. He cannot lose his God-given knowledge. He cannot be misguided, misled, fooled in any way, since all he knows is Mind, God.

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