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God Working with Us


Mrs. Eddy once said to me: “And always remember that God worketh with you.” I replied, “Oh! Mrs. Eddy, if I could only know that, but it seems that God knows nothing about it.” “Your understanding of Christian Science is God working with you,” Mrs. Eddy replied. I think we may see that no person ever had a personal God that was ever so near to humans, even in belief, as is the God of the Christian Scientist; for God is his very Mind, inasmuch as Mind, Good, is governing his thought.

I find that I have been trying to save myself; but, inas­much as there is but one Saviour (the Son of God or Truth), I am now trying to let the government be upon his shoulder, and let Intelligence, as manifested through Christ, handle the errors of false belief.

The people who cannot accept Christian Science through intuition, and manifest faith first, must sooner or later come to know its science. What is more logical, more rational or more exact than the Science of Life? Mrs. Eddy once settled this question for me by saying: “You cannot have faith in that which you do not understand.” A vast amount of healing that has been done in Christian Science has been faith cure, and today many of the stu­dents are mixing the mesmerism of faith in their treat­ments to a large extent.

Of course, the element of faith that is based upon and warranted by understanding is very desirable, and I should say is the energy of a treatment and is a great destroyer of fear. A little understanding operates to change belief at first, and faith becomes an alterative, but finally scientific understanding alone will save us. And what is that? Is it not true consciousness, absolute, posi­tive, exact? I think that a woman’s intuition is a great assistance at first, but, after all, Christian Science is sci­ence, and neither faith nor intuition.

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