God’s Law Is the Law of Perfection


We hear much about the law of God. What is God’s law? According to Christian Science, God’s law is the law of perfection, of health, of Life, of infinite good.

Thou shalt have no other law than the law of Life, and let me say incidentally that Christian Science teaches that God has ordained no law for your discomfort, no law of disease for you.

There is positively no law against you. And, moreover, you are entitled to enforce God’s law in your own behalf. You are entitled to enforce the law of your own health, of your own prosperity. It is within the divine provision concerning your very life, your daily needs.

All the law that is necessary for your recovery from sickness, all the power necessary, all the action necessary, are in this room right now, are in any room you have ever been in, are with you always, a very present law of Life and good, and you do not need to procrastinate your recovery. You do not need to wait; you do not need to implore God to do something He has not already done for you. All you need to do is to stop being afraid and learn that in our God and His law and His power, we have an ever-present help that is the healer of all diseases. Thou shalt have no other law to govern you than the law of health and Life.

Be not afraid. You can be a law unto yourself, a law to your recovery from disease, a law to your business, a law of harmony to your welfare and your household and all the things of your life, because God gave man dominion, and you are entitled to it.

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