Letter on “Poise”


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The consciousness of the individual is poised somewhere in the realm of thought. The poise of the perfect man is in perfection — a state of self-knowledge, dominion, grandeur, repose, superb appreciation.

Here is an important strategic point in your spontaneous or speedy transformation. In a certain sense your poise will save you, because your poise is your real appreciation of being. Ascend constantly to your highest altitude and plane of equanimity, self-reliance, and mental culture. Ascend above the plane of concept whereon the ordinary trash of human belief can move you and substitute itself for your natural peace. Maintain your peace and happiness by refusing to descend into the mud of cheap human rubbish, and know that your composure cannot be upset by every or any mortal who can be used to wallow in the mud.

We have a fundamental ability to do everything that it is right to do, and to manifest improved beliefs of ability and accomplishment as we go along. We ought to do everything spontaneously, without process or progressive steps. Deny the belief of limitation, obscuration, obstruction, and development. We do not need a long process of development, because all Truth is already developed, and is ours now.

There is always the right thing to do, and you may declare always that you can know what it is. By opening up your thought and accomplishing a state of receptivity, you will be surprised to find how much will come to you as a sort of revelation.

Avoid self-depreciation. It is always a step backward, and will keep you down on a low level.

Nothing that anyone may think can possibly harm you. Do not believe otherwise. Fear is an utter fiction. It is always about nothing — or rather it is about its lie concerning something. It is never yours. There is no such thing as “my fear.” Exclude it by keeping it at arm’s length.

There is no matter to be cured or changed. Nothing needs to be changed but a belief.

Remember that these beliefs appear only to disappear. Therefore be not afraid.

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