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Modern Man Understands


The most wonderful thing that ever happened to any being on this planet has happened to us, in that we have become Christian Scientists. What does it mean? It means that an ordinary human being absolutely immersed in ignorance, sin, superstition, pain, death, and everything that is miserable and disagreeable, has had bestowed upon him an understanding of the facts of being which operates in his behalf, rescues him from his would-be destroyer, puts his foot upon the rock of life, opens unto him the doorway of heaven, and establishes in him the sure confidence that his Redeemer lives and is redeeming him.

There has been bestowed upon you this demonstrable understanding, so that you need wander no longer in the mazes of speculation and perplexity, to find yourself ultimately drifting upon the rock of despair, doubt, and dismay.

The very master of this universe is saving you; you are not saving yourself; God is taking care of you and conducting the affairs of this universe, even to your salvation.

The beginner in Christian Science wants to begin with the same confidence as a person who has been twenty-five years in the work. Why? Because his understanding is enough for him, if he knows it. And it is nothing but the crucifier of the Saviour who says that it is not enough for him, nothing but that. Let us stop crucifying our saviour, the understanding of Christian Science. This understanding of Christian Science is the knowledge of God, knowledge of good. This understanding is your true individuality. It is the undying man, and is the only man you are.

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