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Our Salvation


The foundation of Christian Science is one supreme God, the only Creator and law-giver. When we turn for power from matter to Spirit, we move mountains, surmount all obstacles, achieve success, and overcome fear.

Salvation comes through knowing that the only God there is will not forsake us at any time. We must anchor ourselves in this thought, and acquaint ourselves with Life, Truth and Love. God never fails in His promises. The only reason we think He does, is through our faulty concepts, which are being destroyed. The only reality is, “God with us.”

Salvation comes to us through right mental activity, the activity of the Mind of Christ. God’s grace is sufficient for every need. We must know that good thoughts are power, and evil beliefs are powerless, when met with Truth.

It is our privilege to have all good now. Man is the understanding of God and is perfect. He has no capacity to receive or manifest error, sin, sickness, or death, in any form.

Every claim of evil that comes to us can be made a stepping stone. The more that is coming to us, the faster we are climbing up and out of it all. We can meet it fearlessly, because Intelligence is meeting and destroying all these claims for us, if we actively rely on Him. Intelligence is healing all our diseases. Mortal mind cannot make any law to reverse God’s law. Our safety lies in recognizing these claims as false, and rejoicing in knowing that they are powerless and nothing.

This is the operation of Truth. It is here at all times and in all ways. Have confidence in your declaration of Truth. Rest in the assurance of Truth’s certain triumph. Put all responsibility upon God. He is capable of taking care of the whole business. God is infinite, so good and loving. All we have to do is to declare the Truth, deny the error, and abide in Him.

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